This happened Saturday, January 7, 2012.

Well… it finally happened, and probably not for the last time. I was out with friends and had the “I can’t stay out; I need to get home and curl up into a ball and die right now moment”, and it sucked. Hardcore.

Earlier in the day I’d gone out for a quick 4-mile run, and felt great afterwards. I made some coffee and eggs, did some stuff around the house, caught up on emails, had lunch, and left to go out for a “run” with the Hash House Harriers* in town. Before I left I was feeling a little crampy, but didn’t think too much of it – nothing I’d eaten had ever caused me pain before, so I chalked it up to maybe dehydration and had a few extra cups of water before actually hashing.

The hash came and went, and by and large I felt fine. It probably helped that we only had two beer checks, which minimized the chances of further dehydration – and let’s be honest, the Miller High Life we were drinking is closer to water than beer anyway. (I love High Life, so don’t go getting all uppity on me now.) After the hash, while enjoying another beer, I felt fine. Encouraged by all of this feeling fine, I decided to join the other hashers for dinner and drinks elsewhere while we watched football.

I don’t know what happened between points A and B, but as soon as I sat down at the gathering place I started feeling stabby-in-the-gut like I had the day after my colonoscopy. Stupidly, I stayed to have a couple of beers and dinner; I chose something I figured was non-offensive – a chicken salad wrap with potato salad, helloooo mayonnaise – instead of a burger or chili or wings, which I thought might be questionable. So I don’t think this was a food issue per se, but I felt even worse as the football went on. I could barely finish my second beer, which is telling; I am not one to leave a beer unfinished, unless under extreme duress. I mean, I was sitting there folded in half really wanting to go out, but knowing that it would be better for me to go home and have some tea and curl up under some blankets on the couch and hope for the stabbing to subside. So that’s what I did. The tea helped the stabby-ness abate, but more than anything I was pissed that it’s now a reality that I might have to suddenly take off from a social gathering in the name of digestive sanity. Which sucks.

Okay, pity party over. More likely than not what happened was that it’s pain related to my menstrual cycle; I’ve read that flare-ups and worsening symptoms often occur in women when they’re on their periods, and this week is when that happens for me. I don’t start until Wednesday (January 11), so if this is going to be one of those things where I have this stabby pain starting on Saturday and lasting until then and through the end of said period (usually Saturday, meaning an entire week of knifesides), I am not going to be one happy kitten. So, we’ll see. Sigh.

*In short, a drinking club with a running problem:


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