A test… passed?

I did a potentially stupid thing last night: I made my baked ziti (yes, the one out of “my new precious”) with hot Italian sausage (the recipe calls for, and I usually use, turkey sausage). I was a leeeetle bit nervous about what it might do to my insides, but it’s been over eighteen hours since consumption, and I have to say, the total lack of reaction has me quite pleased. I also had a couple of glasses of red wine, which was on the “maybe bad?” list – I had some white wine at Christmas that made me feel really dizzy and terrible – and they treated me just fine. Hooray!

I went for my “long” run this morning, which was supposed to be 4 miles but turned into 4.5 since the route I mapped out didn’t allow me any shortcuts. I did the thing that I have to not keep doing where my first mile was entirely too fast because I was cold (it was, um, 32 degrees outside and I always under-dress because I know I will warm up, but that first mile is so very chilly!), but the rest of the run was pretty excellent. It was, admittedly, a bit faster than my slow runs should be – I ran a straight 10:00/mile pace – but I felt so good over the last half-mile that I decided to just kick it up and fly. Awesome.

Football playoffs are on later; there are boys playing video games at my house and lots of beer and leftover ziti in my fridge. It’s a good day.


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