Tempting fate

So I got called for jury duty tomorrow morning. It’s a four-day trial, but there’s still a chance I might not get on the jury, which would be great because this is the least convenient possible time for me to have been called – classes start Wednesday, we have a potential professor hire visiting on Thursday and Friday, etc. etc. ad nauseam. My foolproof plan for getting myself off the jury is to load up on ground beef (rare hamburgers with spicy cheese please!) and dark beer tonight so that I have an *ahem* fully loaded intestinal arsenal for tomorrow morning. This could be history, folks: have you ever known anyone to get dismissed from a jury based solely on everyone else’s complete inability to be in a room with the smells that person is producing for eight hours?

After tomorrow, you might. I’ll keep you all posted. 🙂

EDIT: They sent us all home today (Tuesday), but we have to return tomorrow (Wednesday), so the great experiment is going to have to wait. But I’ve hit a snag: the burgers were homemade, and seem to have had nowhere near the expected reaction with my insides that I thought they would. While this is good because it means I can still eat burgers in some form (and really, homemade is the best because my saint of a boyfriend makes the most awesome ones ever, plus this saves money in the long run), it’s also bad because it means I might have to give up restaurant burgers, some of which I have come to adore. It’s a small sacrifice, and honestly probably a very wise health decision – I hear red meat isn’t exactly all that good for you anyway *sheepish grin* – but still. Still! And I thought I had a surefire way to get myself kicked out of court! Sigh…


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