Time for something new!

I went to see my GI doctor for my it’s-been-a-month-since-you-last-stuck-something-up-my-rear-end checkup. I couldn’t help laughing when the nurse who took my vitals asked me if this was the first time I’d ever seen this doctor; I assured her we were quite intimately acquainted, since she’s seen both the best and the worst ends of me. Har!

(Sidenote: it’s really, really hard for me to say the words ‘anus’ and ‘rectum’ with a straight face. Add to this the fact that my doctor had an intern with her who was a dead ringer for Kal Penn, and you can imagine the giggle fits I had to suppress.)

Anyway, we talked about what’s been going on for the last month-ish or so, and since I’ve been suffering some fairly irritating (both literally and figuratively, which is all the detail I’m going to go into to about that; you’re welcome) side effects from my first medicine, Canasa, we decided I should try a short-term steroid next. Specifically, a hydrocortisone foam that is still not taken orally, so I’ve made no progress on that front. When she said ‘steroid’ I was nervous, since I had a horrific bout with poison ivy a few years ago that landed me on a steady month-long prednisone diet, and that was awful; Master P and I did not get along, to say the least. While hydrocortisone can still be systematically absorbed, it’s not supposed to be anywhere near as bad as prednisone, which is encouraging. That said, it’s not intended to be a long-term solution, so I’m to check in with the GI folks after two weeks to see if I’ve responded any better to this treatment.

Today I also had one of those running days where nothing seems to click. Today was supposed to be a ‘pace run’, which means I’m supposed to run consistently at the pace at which I’d like to run my half-marathon; I’m aiming for 9:00/mile, but it just wasn’t happening today. I think I managed closer to 9:22 (and yes, the difference is palpable) for 3 miles. Maybe it was the lack of sleep last night, maybe it was a lack of food and water (I went after seeing my doctor, and I had to wait an hour and a half to see her, when I’d already eaten and hydrated as if the appointment was going to occur on time which means I went nearly three hours without food or water – this isn’t bad for most people, but it’s stress-headache-hangry*-inducing for me, so not really ideal for running at a faster pace than one is used to), who knows. I got a little upset about it during the fact, but I’ve told myself that what matters is that the miles are there and I got them done, which I did. Tomorrow’s another day and another run, so I can work in some pace work if I need to. Right? Right.

*’Hangry’ is so totally a word; urbandictionary.com says so: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hangry


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