Hahaha… I’m so awesome.

And humble. But allow me to indulge in some self-back-patting, no?

Thursdays (as well as Tuesdays) are one of my ‘easy-ish 3 miles’ days as far as training goes. Given how poorly yesterday’s 3-mile pace run felt, I decided to just start out today’s run nice and slow, ignore the clock, and see what my body told me. So that’s what I did – I began loping along at about an 11:00/mile pace (because I really can’t entirely ignore the clock), and felt pretty okay after the first mile. I decided to continue at that pace without making a conscious effort to run faster, just to see if I actually would settle into a faster pace on my own. To my surprise, I did, and got the second mile off in 10:30, putting me at 21:30 for two miles. Right at the beginning of the third mile I thought, “well, if I’m aiming for a 30-minute 3-miler, that means an 8:30 last mile, but I’m not so keen on trying for that, so let’s just relax and see if we can get a 10:00 third mile”, so that I had for all 3 miles a 10:30/mile average.

So I relaxed. And somehow peeled off a half-mile in about 4.5 minutes. I had to double-check to make sure I hadn’t miscounted laps, but no, I hadn’t; I was moving now, and it felt good. Really really really good. I did some quick math and realized I could still just about make that 30-minute 3-miler… and then I thought, “aw, hell, let’s just GO FOR IT”.

So I did. It was so cool to ask my body to go faster and put forth some extra effort and actually have it respond; it was like everything lined up perfectly- my breathing fell into place, my arms were exactly at my sides as they should have been, my feet felt like they were barely touching the ground… I rounded the corner for the last lap* and saw I had 35 seconds to still make my 30-minute cutoff. I dug in and went for it. All systems are go!

I didn’t quite make the 30-minute cutoff, but I finished at 30:12, which means I peeled off that last mile in 8:42. That’s just not something I usually do, if, um, I’ve ever done it at all. So I feel totally turned around from yesterday, and totally awesome, and will have to remind myself that slow and steady at the start is the way to do pace work from now on.

Oh, endorphins, you are wonderful. I am treating myself to a lunch of rainbow veggies and doing some work and teaching my first class of the semester and riding this good mood as long as possible. Woooo!

*This is a small track on which 12 laps are one mile, FYI.


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