Pretty good weekend, I’d say.

Saturday I finally got to run what I feel is a slightly more “normal” long-run-mileage for me; I was scheduled to go 5, but went 5.13 because that’s the way the route panned out. I’d wanted to concentrate on going slowly, so I picked a route with lots of hills. It took me down one road that I’ve been using that has a fairly big hill about 3/4 of a mile from home, so getting up that hill always leads me to that “almost home!” moment, which is fun. But, before I got there, I had to do a nice steady half-mile uphill that gets steep enough in some parts; I used to call it my ‘punishment’ hill when I lived closer to it and ran it with more regularity.  The fun effect of doing the Punisher before the Almost Home hill was that the Almost Home hill seemed like a molehill compared to the Punisher; I got halfway up, and thought, This is nothing. And I am kicking its ass! So that was cool. I finished at an exactly 11:00/mile pace, which was also exactly what I set out to do. Also cool.

I spent the rest of the day wine-tasting (since there are a metric f***ton of wineries within an hour’s drive of where I live) and playing golf with the boy, after which we played video games and watched basketball with friends. (Our team won, which was also nice.) In case you’re wondering, drinking wine before playing golf should be considered a decent handicap – I’m already terrible, but the wine helped me not care that I was as bad as I was.

Sundays are my cross-training days, and since I missed last week, I figured I could maybe probably squish it into this Sunday’s cross-training and just double up this week. (Or quadruple up; cross-training is supposed to last for an hour, and we were out for over four. Oops!) Hiking is an acceptable cross-training activity, so I joined some friends for a ten-mile hike at a nearby lake that has some good rolling hills and waterfalls and heart-pumping elevation changes. Oh, and a rock scramble:


It was a wee bit vertiginous at times, but damn, what a good total-body workout.

My knees were kind of unhappy with me at the end, as they are at the end of every hike; I really need to invest in a set of hiking poles, but I keep forgetting this until it’s too late, and end up just picking up a walking stick of some sort on the trail (that’s the long, thin thing you see sticking out of my backpack; I named him, eponymously enough, Sticky). Thankfully, glucosamine and ice packs are not in short supply at my house, and I was more than happy to avail myself of both after a long, hot shower that involved lots of stretching. I had a couple of beers, too, and then Boy and I tackled the Cook’s Illustrated spaghetti puttanesca for dinner. I was so hungry by the time we sat down to eat it that I didn’t even think of taking a picture of it, but it was remarkably delicious – not too salty, not too garlicky, not too heavy; perfect, really. Two things we did differently from the CI recipe were to use anchovy paste instead of anchovy fillets – since I’m not terribly crazy about anchovies to begin with, and figured the paste would reduce the flavor a little, plus I got creeped out at the thought of having weird little fish in a jar just hanging out in my pantry – and adding a splash of vodka to the tomato sauce as it simmered. Mmmm. The fish taste was nearly non-existent, and the dish as a whole turned out pretty spicy, but not overly so. Next time I might use a bit less than the teaspoon of crushed red pepper that the recipe called for, since it was quite kicky. In my famished state I forgot to leave leftovers, which would have been smart since I teach tonight and will be at school quite late and will not have a chance to eat dinner before class starts. Instead, I’ll, uh, just have to have some cereal when I eventually get home. It’s a rest day; I can eat what I want, right? 🙂

Happy Monday, y’all!


One Response to Pretty good weekend, I’d say.

  1. Suz says:

    Kate, love ya and love reading your stuff again. Pictures are great. Keep it up, yes the food and exercise.

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