The aforementioned running and medicine post!

One half of this post has to do with running; the other with potentially icky things. I’ll let you know when to stop reading if you don’t want the latter half.

So this is the week in my half-marathon training in which I finally get to increase the Wednesday mileage as well as the long-run-Saturday mileage, which has been increasing every week. Something in my brain is wrong because I’m actually looking forward to getting in 6 miles this Saturday; 4 and 5 miles as long-run distances just felt too short. (The version of me that existed ten years ago – hell, even five years ago! – would have never dreamed of current-me making that statement. Ha!) And then I get to do 7 next week, and on and on, etc. Today I got to do 4 miles instead of 3, or 3-at-race-pace, which was nice. I accidentally left my watch at home, but I think I need to do that more often; sometimes it’s nice to just go out and run, without worrying about your pace. It allowed me to focus on my stride, which, oddly, helped me relax a lot. That’s one thing I’ve noticed that has been improving about my running lately: I feel a LOT more relaxed even on shorter runs, and am able to more easily process what works and what doesn’t both during and after a run. One thing that has not gone away is that my running headspace is still the same: totally empty. I love that my brain just shuts off when I run (though some would argue that I then forget to turn it back on after I’m done…).

It’s been unseasonably warm here, so I’ve been enjoying running outside for the past two days. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, which may put me back inside, but I’ll be back out in the chill on Saturday morning, which is my favorite time to run. Good thing, since that’s when all of my races will occur.


Today also marks one week since I switched medications for my UC. I had been having some, uh, irritation issues with Canasa, so my doctor switched me to a hydrocortisone foam, to which I’ve alluded previously. That it’s a steroid made me nervous, but so far it’s not been having any of the awful side effects commonly occurring with steroids (well, technically it’s a corticosteroid, which is apparently not as strong as a full-on steroid). It’s in fact been like a miracle – within two days the irritation was gone like nothing had ever happened Down There, and the side effects in general that I’d been getting with the Canasa have been reduced to almost nothing. It’s working to prevent bleeding, too, which is the most important thing. Unfortunately, it’s not meant to be a long-term medication since it is still a steroid, so probably what’s going to have to happen is that I’ll have to go back on the Canasa with a side dose of this foam every now and again. I’ll be checking in with my doctor a week from today to figure all that out, so, yay.

I am a bit apprehensive about the coming weekend, though, since my period starts next week and experience has shown that the weekend before my period tends to bring the worst symptom flare-ups. Fingers crossed against that, please!

As a sidenote, I forgot how much I don’t like teaching in the evening. I have three classes that meet on three separate days – two at 6pm, one at 5pm – and that’s kind of my dinnertime, which is vaguely inconvenient. I’m going to have to rearrange my snacking schedule so that I don’t eat something fart-inducing (like an apple) right before I teach, since that’s what I did last night and oh my good goodness did it suck to have to hold those farts in for 50 minutes. My mantra this semester has become “I will not flatulate on my kids, I will not flatulate on my kids…” They seem like a good group overall, which is good, but it’s a double-edged sword because I’d feel even worse farting on a good group of students.

Okay, some quick notes about beer since I have to run to work (well, not literally run, but you know what I mean). This evening one of the bars in town that I enjoy is hosting a sort of tap takeover by Bell’s Brewery (, out in Michigan, during which they will be offering four or five of the brewery’s more rare seasonal beers, including one of my annual favorites – Hopslam. I’m sort of a closet beer nerd, so I’m excited to go over there later today and sample the seasonals and, in all likelihood, knock back a pint of the Hopslam. That I will have good company (hi Jill!) with whom to do so makes me even more excited.

And there’s a football game this Sunday! Have you heard? I’m excited for that, too, even though my poor team (the Redskins, who haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 20 years) is not playing. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but I have to root for the conference, so go Giants. That’s all I’ll say on that subject, since I know not everyone cares for football as much as I do. 🙂

Wednesday on!


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