There’s a fairly high-profile murder trial going on in my small city-town right now, and I was called as a potential juror for it yesterday. After eleven hours of waiting around to be questioned, I was finally let go and excused from jury duty at 8:30 last night. To say that I felt an overwhelming sense of relief would be a huge understatement; I feel for the jury they do end up selecting, however, since they’ve got a long and hard road ahead of them.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only potential juror who seized the hour-long lunch break as an opportunity to run, though. I thought: hey, I can squeeze in a quick 3 miles! And I did – these were my first sub-27:00 3 miles in my life, and with any luck won’t be my last. Today I get to do 4 with my new sometimes-running-buddy, which is exciting because I like having company. Plus it’s a beautiful day. And I have my freedom, which I will absolutely relish when I head out for the pavement this afternoon.

Relief, indeed.


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