Eight weeks out!

My half-marathon is eight weeks away, technically from Saturday, but I won’t be near a computer then so I have to make note of it now. I’ve been training for six weeks now – two weeks longer than the actual program I’m following – and, overall, things are going really well. It’s funny; I’ve read a lot about how the best way to improve your running is just to do more of it, and who knew? – that’s exactly what’s been working for me. By “improve” I mean being able to run faster for longer periods of time; being able to relax and run properly in order to minimize injury; being able to increase mileage safely but still be able to push myself at the end of a run – to ‘leave it all on the pavement’, as they say. I can feel myself turning into one of those people who gets… not sad, not upset, but a little pouty, I guess, on days when I’m not supposed to run. I’m grateful for the rest days, don’t get me wrong!, but by the time my long-run-day rolls around I am ready to GO.

Today will be the run of 7 miles, which makes me happy. I’ve had a rough week mentally, and am really looking forward to the hour-plus of total “brain-off” that I’ll get from it. I’ve had to push my schedule back a day for this week because I’m going skiing this weekend*, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to run on Saturday or Sunday, so it fell to making Friday my long-run-day. There’s something a little delicious about peeling off a couple of hours to devote to a run and a nice, long shower and a cup of coffee on a workday, which, I’m not going to lie, makes this run just a little bit sweeter.

I had my first run with my sometimes-running-buddy (depending on when our schedules mesh) on Tuesday and it was pretty excellent. No matter how much I like getting lost in my own blank brain when I run, it’s sometimes really nice to be able to talk to someone and totally forget that you’re sore, you’re tired, you’re feeling slow or need a push, etc. – I completely lose track of time if I’m running with someone, and it helps a run go by soooo much faster. We have a date again next week for one of my short 3-milers – the one at the end of the week – which is good because that tends to be the running day that I feel the most blah and tired and over it.

ICKY GIRL THINGS COMING UP; WARNING On a gross note, it’s period week and I’ve been a bit crampy and bloated, but nothing as bad as what I experienced last month, which is quite nice. I’ve had a few moments of stabbing pain here and there, but they came and went and then stayed away, for which I was grateful, especially since one of those moments came while I was teaching. Speaking of teaching, I have a damn good group of students this semester. I was in a really bad mood for most of yesterday, and trudged off to class thinking that it was going to be an arduous 50 minutes, but by the end I had such a big smile on my face. I love it when teaching actually makes me feel good to the point that it completely erases a bad day – what a gift! ICKY GIRL THINGS DONE; KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON

So that’s that. Eight weeks out… I feel myself starting to get ready for this thing. I’m eager, but I know I’ve got a ways to go yet. Physically and mentally I feel really good about my training, and I’m excited to keep progressing. And dreaming about more half-marathons during the summer…

Have a good weekend, err’body. Or else!

*So totally needed: I’ve been thinking, Man, do I need a vacation, and lo and behold, a chance to take off to West Virginia for a couple of days presents itself! Fingers crossed that my knees can handle it, since they’ve historically not done too well with me skiing and running in close proximity to one another. I foresee a lot of ice on my legs on Saturday night!

And yes, I will do the dumb thing and go tree-skiing. This is the only chance I’m going to get to go slopeside this year, so I’m skiing every damn acre of that mountain that’s open. And, um, a few that are not…


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