Celebrating Leap Day, too!

I keep reading that I have license to more or less do what I want today. I’ve taken that to mean two things: 1) it was totally okay for me to have a brownie for first-breakfast this morning, and 2) it’s now doubly justified for me to have gone out and bought these:

“These” are Saucony ProGrid Guide 5 shoes, and they took about a half-hour’s worth of fitting and jogging around and tweaking to find. (The folks at my local running shop are amazing, btw.) But I found them, and damned if I didn’t feel like Cinderella when I laced them up – you know how you just know that it’s the right one immediately? That’s how these babies felt. And now I can NOT wait to get them broken in and out on the road!

I will certainly miss my old shoes – they carried me through literally hundreds of miles and my first real races and lots of good and bad times – but it was definitely time to bid them adieu. They’ll live on for hashing runs, because I can’t quite get rid of them juuuust yet. 🙂

But, about the new pretties. EEEEE I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THEM that it is almost frightening. Carry on with your extra day of awesome, everyone!


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