First race of the year. BAM!

As the title indicates, this morning I ran my first race of the year – a 4-miler on a lovely, somewhat hilly, very-wet-thanks-to-last-night’s-rain course. Before the race, my goals were twofold: don’t finish last (I knew it would be a small race), and finish in under 40 minutes (thereby setting a new PR for the distance; the old PR was 41:04). When I got to the race and actually started running, I quickly tacked on a third goal: don’t faceplant, since the pavement is new and was quite slippery.

Well. I didn’t finish last (only about 100 people showed up, largely due to the weather, which was wet but not raining and a bit chilly, though not terribly so by any means) and I didn’t faceplant. I had sort of the idea that I could maybe even beat the sub-38:00 4-mile run I did on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot that a) treadmills are easier to run on because they offer you less resistance and b) unless you make it so, there are no hills on treadmills, and they slow me down considerably – when I realized we’d have a long uphill climb half a mile from the finish, I had a suspicion that that sub- 38:00 time wasn’t going to happen. But I knew that a sub- 40:00 was still possible, so I dug in and let go on the downhill.

To most everyone’s chagrin, the finish was uphill, and I got passed by a guy with a stroller (props to him, and that’s now the second time that’s happened to me in races finishing uphill. One more instance and it’s a pattern!). But I finished in 39:15! Which is less than 40:00! More importantly, I left it all out there – I ran the best race I could, and am very happy with the way I felt throughout (there were no mile markers, so I had to sort of guesstimate my pace). BAM. I am awesome.

Probably the rest of the day will involve some time at the driving range, a beer or three (one for each mile I ran hahaha), and definitely some more birthday cake. If I decide that I like the pictures that my saint of a boyfriend took of me during the race – and this is another reason I love this guy: he hates running, but he gets up early when I know he’d rather be sleeping to come out and support me and cheer me on, which is so huge to me, and makes me so grateful for him – I’ll post them a little later on.

Go forth and be awesome!

EDITED TO ADD: Pictures! Here you go: me at the start, me chugging uphill towards the finish, and me at the finish. Hooray!





2 Responses to First race of the year. BAM!

  1. notnecessarilyokay says:

    I’m down with the old guy in the orange hat behind you. LOL

    Congrats on doing so well. 🙂

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