One month to go…

Yup, I’m exactly 30 days out from my half. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown, and I think I’m going to have a hard time containing my excitement in the next four weeks. I feel like I’ll be more than ready to rock this thing when it finally happens, provided I can stay injury-free. My knees feel great in the new shoes; that’s not what I’m worried about so much as being as freaking sore as I am on my third day of running in the week. [Right now I run long on Saturday, short on Tuesday and Thursday, and medium on Wednesday] Do I need to invest in one of those foam-roller things everyone keeps talking about? I stretch for at least 20 minutes after I’m done running every single time, but by day 3 I feel like I’m dragging tree trunks underneath me in place of legs. A day of rest will almost always fix this, but I’m worried about cramps and doing actual damage.

It’s funny though, I had the tree-trunk feeling today when I went out for my short run, but as soon as I took a 20-second pause at a stoplight and got going again, it went away and I felt fine. I didn’t feel too great to begin with when I woke up this morning – still really sore in my upper body from Tuesday’s lifting, plus in my legs from yesterday’s tempo run that turned into an interval run by the end which was fine though I felt like puking several times throughout – and I had a feeling today was just going to be one of those days where I’d have to just tough it out and deal, both for running and lifting. Yet after my run I felt pretty good, and lifted the hell out of those weights to the point of “ahhh, this is the GOOD kind of sore” exhaustion (a feeling I love, by the way), so it all evened out in the end. I’m just a bit concerned that the tree-trunk phenomenon keeps happening; I guess it shakes itself out after more than 3 miles, since I don’t feel it on anything longer than that, but part of me wonders how much of it is also attributable to my poor lower-body circulation. Like, I HAVE to put my feet up several times a day, or it just feels like blood is pooling in my ankles and I look at them and wonder how they’re not grossly swollen into gigantor cankles.  (Yum!)

I’m also a little irked that I seem to have gotten slower, but I feel like these things go in cycles and that I’ll get faster again, because about a month ago (hey!) I was peeling off pretty fast miles without a problem. I figure this will work itself out, as will the soreness issues, and that I’m really worrying for nothing – this is just the point in my training where I start getting really anxious about being ready (as in “I’m so ready I’m so ready please please please just let me DO IT already I wanna go go go GO!”), and start obsessing over little things that might be obstacles. I KNOW deep down that I have committed to training for this race, and I have fully honored that commitment (some might say to the point of obsessive insanity :)), and that I will do not only what I set out to do at the outset – ie finish the race – but that I will also exceed my own expectations – ie finish faster than I keep telling myself I will.

Okay, so note to self: KEEP CALM AND RUN ON. Crikey.

And yes, I’m way stoked for my 10-mile run on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very, very glad that tomorrow is a rest day, but I know that come Saturday morning I’ll be chomping at the bit again, wondering when the clock will finally tell me I can GO GO GO already… !

Anyhoo. This week has been my spring break, which has involved little more than working and watching a lot of bad TV, which has been nice. Right now I’m watching ACC basketball tournament games and researching the circus; tomorrow I’ll cheer on my team (*ahem* go Hoos!), and later this weekend the boy and I will be taking off on a spur-of-the-moment road trip to an as-yet-undecided-upon location (something I’ve not done, um, ever. Wheee!). Break ends on Sunday night, and then it’s back to ‘reality’, but I plan to do everything I can to soak up my last few days of completely unfettered time. Allons-y!


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