Relaxed and refreshed –

– for now, anyway; life’s about to get crazy-busy, but I sort of enjoy it more that way. Lots of school-related stuff coming up: our graduate conference this weekend, grading midterms next week, scheduling exams for people, March Madness, the like… Yes, I know March Madness is not an academic pursuit, but my team actually made it in this year so I’m a little more excited than I usually am. (I have us losing in the second round, though, so my enthusiasm is somewhat tempered. And this is not an irrational or unfaithful decision: they’re up against a very good Mizzou team if they do make it past Florida, and they’re playing on a very depleted and tired 7-man roster. I love my team, but I am realistic with my expectations. That said, if we can pull off some kind of an upset, everything else gets thrown aside for basketball. :))

I escaped out of town to Baltimore by way of Richmond for the weekend, which was the perfect little vacation to recharge my batteries. I got my 10-mile run in while in Richmond, and I took a new-ish route (but not TOO new; I’m still afraid of getting lost there, so I mapped out a route with like four turns that I figured would be pretty hard to mess up) that took me down some really lovely streets that were very quiet. Lots of good smells on this run – a just-opened Starbucks at one point, bunches of breakfast joints cooking up bacon, the like. Plus it was a gorgeous sunny morning with nearly no wind, and my knees felt great and my legs said ‘we may hurt a little, but we’ve got your back’. It was just a fantastic run, and I’ve now learned that massage after running is a very, very good thing – I had little to no soreness for the rest of the day (which was good because I spent the afternoon walking around the Baltimore Aquarium), and no soreness on Sunday, which was delightful.

So yes, Baltimore: LOVED the aquarium, always have, always will. I was with the boy, whose best friend from high school now lives in Fells Point, so we stayed with him and did some eating of seafood and carousing in the area Saturday night. Sunday night he took us out on his new sailboat, and I got to do some actual sailing for the first time in my life, which was quite fun. Another gorgeous, sunny day, peaceful on the water, not a care in the world… and then we had to hie back to Richmond to do some stuff, and then I had to hie back to home per usual to get myself ready for the return to the routine. But it’s not bad – I feel rested, recharged, ready to take on the whirlwind of things that will be happening in the next few weeks. Tacking into the wind, as I think they say in sailing parlance. Bring it on, life!


2 Responses to Relaxed and refreshed –

  1. Happy Runner says:

    Thanks for reminding me to get my March Madness bracket done! 🙂

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