It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

0.5) I got a lovely birthday card from my dear friend Suz, who I know reads this and (I hope) will see this here. Thank you! I will use what was inside when doing what I talk about in #3 below… 🙂

1) The weather has turned for the rather quite extremely unseasonably warm. While this kills any shred of productivity I have, I confess that I’m enjoying it – not that we had a cold winter by any means, but it’s nice to have some too-warm weather for a little while before it cools down and then gets warm again. Running outside this week has been a pure joy, though I have to be careful to hydrate adequately. I had the killer headache from Hades on Wednesday after my 5-ish miler (I got lost and had to make a few extra loops to re-calibrate myself), and I suspect that lack of water or food was the culprit.

1a) It’s been a good running week. Not really increasing mileage, but breaking in the shoes even more, and feeling comfortable and pain-free. Plus, running outside, which is such a huge mood-booster! Flowers and birds and breezes (which a week ago I was cursing for being too cold, haha) and sun. YAY.

2) Not at all speaking of lack of productivity, it’s March Madness and I love every second of it. I have to wonder why this darned thing always coincides with my schoolwork increasing, but it does force me to use my time more wisely, which is how I end up flipping between games while “preparing” comments for conference papers. Happily, my team got scheduled to play tomorrow afternoon when I have some free time, so I’ll at least be able to watch them once.

3) Because I’m of Irish heritage, Saturday is a perfectly good excuse for me to engage in stereotypically stupid behavior on a completely commercialized “holiday” that I’m pretty sure isn’t even celebrated in its country of origin. Since I can’t indulge in corned beef and cabbage (tummy issues, which have been plaguing me all week anyway since I forgot what I was doing and ate a rare steak on Sunday night that within 15 minutes I realized was a huge mistake, which sucks because it was so good and I love rare steak and it stinks to have to give it up! *breathe), I’ll be trying my hand at making colcannon for dinner tomorrow night. It’s a dish based on kale and potatoes sort of mashed together, but I plan to try it with sweet potatoes. Mmmm. And then I’ll be hitting the hay nice and early, so I can get up at 3:30 Saturday morning to get ready to do my long run at 5:30. Yes, that’s A.M. And yes, I fully realize that this means that I’m knee-deep in crazy, because this was my line of thought when it came to my long run this weekend: I have to be at our grad student conference at 9:30am Saturday. I know I’m going out to lunch afterwards, and – oh, crap, Saturday is St Patrick’s Day! …that means there’s no way I’m going to be in any sort of shape to run 10+ miles on Sunday, because BY GOD IT IS MY RIGHT (thank you, O’Dowd ancestors from County Sligo) TO GO OUT AND HAVE MANY DRINKS on Saturday night. Hmmm. Well, I guess I could get up at… um… what time? to run Saturday morning? Oh my Gawd, you’re kidding. Sigh. But my running buddy is actually willing to run with me at that time, which is awesome because it will be dark before we finish and I don’t want to go alone in case I get lost and accidentally do, say, 12 miles instead of 10ish.

*ahem* But I digress. Have a delightful weekend!


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