Stress running

– by which I mean that apparently being stressed out is good for my running, since it translates into “I want to literally pound this frustration out of myself one step at a time”. Tuesday, that was a nice swift 5k with my sometimes-running buddy. Wednesday, that was a personal-best 8k on the treadmill for my tempo run. Thursday, that was an easy 5k that was more mind over matter (“can my legs take me just three more miles?”) and still not done at a terribly shabby pace. Wednesday and Thursday also had 8-mile bike rides in them – thank you, car problems – so I was extra-super-exhausted by the time Thursday evening rolled around. The car problems seem to have abated for now, and I’m being as lazy as I possibly can today, on my rest day, though I’ve been doing lots of self-massage and stretching to get the legs loose for tomorrow’s 11.5 in nice, flat, sunny Richmond. The half is two weeks away, and I’m terribly excited. I mean, like, how-am-I-going-to-sleep-between-now-and-then excited. I’m so ready for this. AAAHHH!

The stress has not been good for my stomach, though, nor I’m sure has all of the coffee I’ve been downing (oops) – but I swear it was necessary for me to have a black eye (coffee with two shots of espresso) for first-breakfast this morning. Eh. I’ll deal with it; the coffee is necessary for a) my continued functionality b) other people still being alive and not maimed somehow. 🙂

My March Madness bracket is half-busted; Michigan State and Cincinnati were two of my Final Four teams, though I realize now I shouldn’t have overlooked Louisville and I have no idea what I was really thinking picking Cincy. So long as Baylor and Kansas make it through, I have no problems with other outcomes. Fingers crossed!

Not at all speaking of breakfast again, some hard-boiled eggs are calling my name. And… maybe some more coffee. Wheee! Have a good weekend, y’all.


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