Fool in the rain

– that was me this morning. I hit the alarm for about half an hour too long, and consequently left for my run (11.5 miles) half an hour later than I’d have liked to. As such, I got caught in a drizzle at mile 6, which by mile 7 had turned into a steady rain, and which by the end was a downpour. I wear glasses, so seeing was nigh impossible by the time I hit mile 10. It’s not coincidental that I ran the last 6.5 miles in the same amount of time I ran the first 5; the last 1.5 especially was at almost-race-pace because I was completely soaked (even my shoes, the poor things!) and couldn’t even see far enough in front of me to avoid puddles (which I couldn’t). The upshot of all this was that finishing fast actually felt good, and the weather was warm and humid so the rain also actually felt good. At first, anyway. 🙂

I think all of that crazy bike-riding in addition to my running this week actually helped my legs feel really good today. My hips were hurting by the time I was done, but when I asked them to go faster for me they responded nicely. No soreness elsewhere, and the distance – the longest I’ve ever run before, by the way – actually felt easy. My experiments in taking water at the halfway-ish point and snacking on some gummy fish around mile 8 are working wonders; the water doesn’t bother my stomach by sloshing around like I was afraid it would, and the gummy fish give me a nice little sugary boost that really helps me pick up my run around mile 9. Added bonus, they stick to my gums really well so I get to concentrate on digging them out of my teeth instead of realizing that my legs are in any pain. It occurred to me earlier that the next time I eat gummy fish on a run, it will be during my half marathon, which is in two weeks**. AAAHHHH THAT IS SO COOL. I feel so ready, and so stoked, still.

**My 12-mile run next week is being split into a 6-mile easy-ish run right before I run a 10k race with some friends; we’re going to jog it, and probably drink a couple of beers throughout (we’re all members of the Hash House Harriers in town, and I agreed to dress up in costume and run with them). So, no gummy fish, since this won’t be a serious training run!

I did learn a very important lesson on this run: I am never again to eat sausages and onions the night before a long run. My stomach was… unhappy for the first 4 miles, and my belated apologies to anyone behind me who may have accidentally been blessed by my winds. Won’t be doing that again, I reckon… but it was very tasty sausage. Hrmph.

The rest of today was pretty relaxed. I went to an auto show (pretty shiny cars) and then headed over to an Irish festival for a belated St Patrick’s Day celebration, where I replenished calories with some Guinness (one pint of which was free, hooray!) and macaroni and cheese. Presently I’m back at home doing laundry (washing running clothes is really exciting to me for some reason) and listening to a thunderstorm take its sweet time rolling on by. The sound of the rain is very soothing, which is relaxing. It’s nice to have a night in, especially when it means I can hang back and listen to a storm.

OH! On Friday I met the author of my most favorite book of 2011 – Chad Harbach, who wrote a fantastic book called The Art of Fielding which I recommend everyone read. I bought a copy and had him sign it, and told him that I absolutely loved it, and he lit up with a big ol’ smile and I smiled back and he sort of chuckled to himself and later I learned why: I definitely had a giant piece of broccoli stuck in my teeth from lunch. Such is life… 🙂


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