Southbound for the weekend!

Yup, it’s time for a mini-vacation to Charleston for a wedding. I’m excited, as I’ve only been there in the winter and am looking forward to seeing it in its springtime glory. It’s not supposed to be terribly hot or humid – high 70s, mid-5o% relative humidity – so that’s cool. Har har har. I’m not sure how much downtime I’ll have, since I’m only tangentially related to the folks involved, but I anticipate having nearly zero internet time, which will be quite excellent. I need a break from the grid every now and again, and I think this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

Mmmm seafood. I’m thinking about seafood – probably there will be some raw oyster shooters in my future. Yum. (This is from the girl who wouldn’t so much as go near a shrimp three years ago!) I’m sure there will be plenty of other gut-busting Southern food, which, I won’t lie, I’m also looking forward to.

I plan to get out for a short run – 4-5 miles – Saturday morning, just to wake up the old legs a little bit and prepare them for moving beyond a walk again. It’s been actually kind of nice taking this week off, though it was so beautiful out yesterday that I got more than a little jealous of the many people I saw out on a run, taking advantage of the sun. My body’s needed it, though; I’ve been sleeping like a baby this week, and am enjoying feeling the soreness flow out of my muscles one day at a time. It sort of surprised me how good it felt when the wonderful lady who gave me my pedicure this morning started massaging my calves and feet, but I figured it was just an indicator that I’m doing the right thing by resting the heck out of this week.

I also got a manicure, which is making me think I shouldn’t be typing, so I’ll keep this short. I’ve not gotten a mani/pedi in, um, six years, and this seemed like the perfect post-big-thing treat. It was delightful, and I feel pretty as a peach – my nails haven’t looked this good in a long time. It’s vain, yes, but it was a splurge I totally enjoyed. I’m a little afraid of showering or doing dishes or pretty much touching anything, which makes me think this is not the sort of thing I can be doing all the time, but just this once, it’s kind of awesome.

Okay then! Time to finish packing and head off to Richmond for the night, whereafter we’ll be up dark and early to head down south. See y’all on the flipside!


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