Things I did this weekend:

1) Attended an absolutely awesome unconference right here in my hometown. Ever heard of THATCamp? No? If you’re an academic type, you should check it out. If you’re not an academic type, you doubly should check it out. My brain is still buzzing from everything that got stuffed into it and knocked around on Friday and Saturday, which is a cool feeling. (Site here:

2) Ran a 5k after entirely too much coffee and thought I was going to barf at the end, because I decided it would be a good idea to go out with the leaders. I was the only girl out there for about a half-mile, and then some other girl caught up with me and passed me. And then I decided I was not going to let her get away with that, and I chased her. And caught her, and chatted with her, and then felt a little bad about dusting her in the last 0.2 miles as we sprinted to the finish. I was the first lady finisher, and fourth overall, in 27:44, which is a new PR for me. (That’s an 8:43/mile pace. Um, I don’t do that.) I’ll not mention the total number of runners in the race (hint: it was under 20), but still, it counts, right?

3) Hit up the farmers’ market and totally got sucked in by the brightly voluptuous strawberries that have apparently just started coming in. I’m surprised that the bunch I bought has lasted the weekend. I also bought a baby basil plant, named Oliver, and snipped his leaves off to make pesto for Saturday’s dinner with saint of a boyfriend (we made pesto chicken farfalle, which was simple, but delicious). Because I kill things when I try to put them in the ground, he took Oliver back to his house with him to plant with the other basil plants in the garden there, to see if we could salvage what was left. (Oliver is really quite cute for a plant. I felt bad killing him after only one day.) We’ll see how that goes.

4) Spent a rainy Sunday yesterday relaxing at home with the boy and some beers, watching hockey and a couple of marathons of bad reality TV as we whiled away the day. I now have a mini-fridge in my bedroom, which has just enough room for a six-pack of beer and my water bottle. This could be a very dangerous thing indeed. In other news, football season is going to be awesome come September, because now I don’t even have to leave my room to go get more beer during games.

5) This is part of 1), but it’s awesome enough that it merits its own number: I learned how to make a balloon-camera for DIY aerial photography. I think I know how my free time over the summer will be spent. 🙂

And you? What fun things did you get up to?


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