So very far behind!

Ugh, this week has really thrown me for a loop. I’m still getting over the sinus infection that I had last week, though (fingers crossed) I do really think it’s on its way out for good at the moment. I’d said in my last post that I wouldn’t run if the infection made its way down into my lungs, but, um, I lied about that. Oops. (I was feeling a little wheezy on last Saturday’s long run, and by Monday, I was coughing up greenish goo. [Sorry.])

See… running last week actually helped me feel a lot better, and helped clear goo out of my sinuses pretty well. Running also helps me relieve stress, because when I’m stressed out I run harder, because it’s like I’m physically beating the stress out of me one footfall at a time. Monday night triggered a serious case of “holy crap, everything is coming down on me at once”, which meant that on Tuesday, even though I was feeling even more wheezy and goo-coughingly-crappy, I went out for my usual Tuesday run anyway. And it felt really, really GOOD. I then tried to set a new land speed record for making it through my weights routine, which is why I was still sore when I woke up this morning, but the end result was that I went into Tuesday afternoon feeling physically much better, and, for a couple of hours, mentally much better as well. I had my actual serious freakout Tuesday evening, and strongly thought about going for another run just to get it out of my system, but I decided against this and went home and had strong, hoppy beer (Terrapin Hopzilla, which clocks in at 10.3% and is amazing) for dinner. (And vegetables for dessert.) That actually made me feel much better, and I calmed down a whole lot.

Wednesday I was still feeling a little mentally out of sorts and sleep-deprived, so I decided to make my 5-mile run a fast one. I thought I was going to die by the end, but again, it felt amazing. I’m afraid this means that I might only be compelled to run faster when I’m angry or stressed out, which is a bad way to live your life, but I was noticeably more relaxed today and ran my usual Thursday run at a much more reasonable pace – not long-run pace, but closer to my actual race pace (Tuesday and Wednesday were both run well below race pace). The sun was out for once, and there was a nice cool breeze, so it felt more like fall than spring, and that made me perk up a little. As far as green goo goes, none of it is any color any longer, and I feel like it’s more or less gone from my lungs and only marginally residing elsewhere. I got better sleep last night, and I hope to again tonight, so with any luck this crap will actually really be gone by Saturday’s 11.5-mile jaunt.

Anyway, so, lesson learned this week: Stressing out is good for my running, but bad for the rest of me. Hmmm.

Not at all speaking of stress, my friend Jill and I are signing up for a Color Run in Richmond in July, which will be awesome, I think. (Check it out here: We’re putting together a team so we can have an excuse to make shirts (not like she and I really need an excuse, but, you know) – hooray! I’m excited. I also really like having a race to look forward to, which in these days of sort of aimless running is a very nice thing.

Okay, enough about running. FOOD. The farmers’ market – you know, I think I’ll take pictures this weekend – continues to supply me with amazing spinach and strawberries for salads, which, man, I am going to hate having to go back to bagged spinach over the winter. It’s just so much better when it’s fresh and local. I’ve got half a mind to buy a rhubarb pie from my favorite baker on Saturday, just because I’ve been seeing rhubarb recipes pop up all over the place and while I’m terrified of cooking with it, I’d still like to eat it before it goes out of season. Yum. I love the farmers’ market.

I made a lime cheesecake last weekend, with my own blackberry sauce, and it turned out fantastically. I have an entire half of a box of graham crackers left (they’re what I used for the crust), and I am trying really really hard not to just make another one, like, now and eat the whole thing by myself. (I brought that one to a party, so it’s possible people were just drunk and only thought it tasted good, but I sampled it and couldn’t believe I’d actually made something that good.) Here’s another lesson learned this week: zesting and juicing limes is a total pain in the ass, but so 200% worth it.

Okay, sort of food but not really: supplements. Saturday I’m going to try out Clif Shot Bloks (chewy energy gels) for the first time. I bought two flavors – cran-razz and black cherry with caffeine – so I’ll see which of them I like, if any, and whether or not they treat me well. I might also try a cup of coffee before my long run on Saturday, because I had (oops) three cups before my stupid-fast run on Tuesday, and I’m wondering if maybe that might not help perk me up a little before I head out for a couple of hours. (And yes, I will remember to use the bathroom this time.)

And finally, medicine: I’m now only taking medicine every third day, instead of every other day, and the hope is that I can pare it down to once a week and then eventually off it entirely (it’s a steroid, remember, in foam form, and they’re not intended for long-term use) and remain symptom-free. So far so good, except for a few hiccups around that time of the month, but by and large my insides have been treating me well. I did learn that bison meat in the form of a burger is overwhelmingly okay for me to eat, which is great because most ground meat in burger form causes big trouble. If only bison meat wasn’t so damned expensive… Ah well. Not the sort of thing I should be eating all that often anyway.

Okay, so that’s that! I owe my friend Sam a shout-out, which I’ll give him in my next post, because he was awesome and did an awesome thing for me that made me all warm and fuzzy inside. (Or was that the beer….?) Read on to read all about it!


One Response to So very far behind!

  1. Alex says:

    “lime cheesecake”

    I, uh, omg. *ded* I’ll just assume my piece is in the mail.

    If I drank coffee right before I went out and did something strenuous(like wave my sign around like a freak on the street corner), it would not end well. LOL

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