Versatile Blogger Award! (eeek!)

So the awesome thing that my friend Sam ( did was to nominate me for a Versatile Blogger Award:

Read all about the award here:

I was quite surprised to receive this nomination, but also quite honored and humbled, since I feel like there are a metric ton of blogs out there far worth more reading than my inane ramblings on running and poop. But, I am quite grateful for the recognition, especially since I think Sam’s blog is pretty awesome itself. (And Sam is awesome too. But that might go without saying.) He writes about a corner of the universe in which I have exactly zero experience, but it’s fascinating, and I learn something every time I read one of his posts.

I’m also rather over-using the word ‘quite’. I’ll stop that now. 🙂

Anyway, the award comes with some stipulations ( First, I get to tell you all about fifteen blogs that I think are worthy of nomination as well. I, um, don’t even think I follow fifteen blogs, but I’ll come up with what I can. These discuss a variety of subjects, from a wide swath of people all over the world, and you should go check them out (and then come back here to learn seven things about me, which are bound to be delightfully embarrassing).

1. Annie’s Eats (

2. Quick Brown Fox Bakery (

3. The Wandering Bean (

4. Hyperbole and a Half (

5. NJ Runner Girl (

6. Inspiring and Healthy Running in London (

7. Brainstorm (

8. GradHacker (

9. Far From Moscow (

Ack, that’s where I stop since I don’t apparently read that many blogs – but you should also go check out the blogs on the right side of my page, though there is a wee bit of overlap with this list here.


Okay, now that you’re back, another stipulation of the award is that I get to tell the person who nominated me seven things about myself. Happily, you all get to be privy to this conversation, too. 🙂

1. If I’m going someplace I’ve never been before and I’m with someone else, that person has to open the door and go in first. If I’m alone, I’ll just suck it up and open the door myself, but I prefer to hang back and wait for a stranger to go in so I can follow them and make it look like we came in together.

2. Up until three years ago, I’d never eaten any of the following: oysters, clams, soft-shell crabs, catfish, lobster, or sushi. When I was growing up, I hated the smell of fish, so I assumed that all seafood tasted as bad as fish smelled. Boy, was I wrong about that – seafood is now a fairly regular part of my diet.

3. When I run, I think about absolutely nothing. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to meditation; my mind is completely blank, which is an absolute blessing for the few hours a week it happens. (Yes, this is a major reason I do it.)

4. I hate having dirty feet. I get made fun of for wearing shoes in houses with perfectly clean floors, but the feeling of dirt on my soles is horrible. Yet, at the beach or even when hiking, it’s totally fine for me to not be wearing shoes.

5. I still haven’t been able to eat anything pineapple-flavored since my colonoscopy in December.

6. When I laugh hard enough, I start crying. It doesn’t take a lot to make me laugh very hard. I’m fun at parties. 😉

7. I was on Teen Jeopardy! my senior year of high school. No, I did not win. Yes, there is video evidence of this. No, you cannot see it on the Internet. 🙂

So that’s that! I hope you enjoyed reading this and discovering other blogs as much as I enjoyed writing it and pointing you to said blogs. Carry on!


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