Mini strawberry-rhubarb pie.

I have some, firmly under wraps and hidden from my view so I don’t eat it all right now. I’m enjoying the day’s second cup of coffee, and I feel like said pie would be a perfectly cromulent companion to said coffee. But no; I shall resist, and have a slice later when I get home from being out, and the rest for breakfast tomorrow.

I bought said pie at the farmers’ market this morning. I’ve been craving rhubarb all week – I know; that’s weird to me too – but when I saw the rhubarb/strawberry combination I knew I couldn’t resist because both are in season right now.  I also bought my usual spinach and strawberries from my usual spinach and strawberry people, and what is becoming a new ‘usual’ salad mix from an organic farm that undercharges me per ounce because they are really nice. I’ve learned that that salad mix goes fantastically with some strawberries and almonds, and today I am going to throw some avocado in there as well. (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it… better hurry up with this coffee. But I have a sort of leisurely hour to spend, and I hate rushing through coffee.) Look at me, being all good-food-eating and whatnot.

Don’t worry, I’m going out later to watch the Caps try to put away the Rangers in Game 7, and also try to catch the Nats go for the series win against the Reds (apparently I missed a good game while I was out watching a play last night, but the play I went to go see was so very, very good and mind-bending. Plus the set had really neat contraptions – for example, stairs that pulled out into flowerbeds and then folded back. I love little details like that.), and there will be beer consumed. It’s been the sort of week that needs to end in shots of Jaegermeister, but I know I say that now and will actually keep to beer later on.

Another thing I found at the market this week was a vendor who was there for the first time selling her little energy bites – literally, she had plates full of tiny homemade muffins and bite-size energy bars, which are mostly gluten-free and all preservative-free and have all sorts of good and crunchy and natural things in them. I sampled a few of them, and they were damn tasty, to the point that I bought two of the little energy bars and just gobbled them up right there. I figured I was justified in snacking, having just run 11.5 miles (which I’ll get to in a hot minute). YUM. They’re the Sun Bytes shown here (scroll down to the February 14 post):

Not vegan, but still delicious. I have a soft spot for anything with chia seeds in it these days, which made these all the better.

Speaking of chia seeds, and running, today I decided to experiment with more food and drink stuff on long-run days. I was actually pretty tired when I woke up this morning, so it seemed natural to make a cup of coffee; plus, I’d wanted to see if it would help perk me up a little in my first few miles. I have no idea if it did or not, since my first few miles were nothing special, so I may have to try again (oh darn, please no don’t make me drink more coffee) – though I can tell you it, um, cleared me out pretty effectively right before I left to run. I also took a few of the Clif Shot Bloks I’d bought with me; I have them in three flavors now – strawberry, cran-razz, and black cherry with caffeine – and today I chose the black cherry with caffeine. I ate them around mile… 7ish? I think? I’m not sure, but it was about a mile after my pre-planned water stop. Anyway, the taste was pretty okay; bearable, but not great, but not awful, either. They were very easy to chew and swallow, which I confess I like better than having to dig knockoff Swedish Fish out of my teeth, and they didn’t upset my stomach, of which I was a bit wary having read that they’ve done that to other people. [This is why I’m experimenting with all of this stuff; everyone responds to different stuff differently [PROFOUND STATEMENT OF THE YEAR RIGHT THERE!], so I take with a grain of salt anything I read about one person’s anecdotal experience with a training method. Anyway.] It could have been a bit of a placebo effect, but I certainly felt a little kick in my stride about a mile and a half later, though that could have just been my body getting some much-needed sugar and sodium regardless of the caffeine. I think this trial went well, so I’ll try a different flavor next week and see how that goes.

But man.  I’m hurting a little after those 11.5 miles; the first eight were fine and dandy on a beautiful morning, but I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, throwing a gigantor hill in at the end of mile 9 because I thought it would be fun. It, um, wasn’t really fun per se, but I guess that’s just part and parcel of running in this town. There are hills, and I must deal with them. Happily, my finish was a slight downhill, so that made me feel better coming in to the final mile, and by the time I was done I thought, dang, really? I was just starting to get into this! Which I guess is good, but since I’d arrived at the market it was really time to stop and do some local shopping.

Anyway. That coffee’s more or less history, which means it’s time to get that salad together (hooray!) and get going on my work for the day. It’s a gorgeous sunny day outside, which makes me a bit wistful that I have to spend it inside doing work – unfortunately, it’s the sort of work that requires me to be near a computer and a scanner, so I can’t take it outdoors – but that’s okay; this is my final push of work to be done for a little bit, and then in a couple of weeks I get a fantastic Memorial Day weekend with the family and one of my dearest friends who is bringing her boyfriend to meet everyone ever and it will be great fun with lots of Cook Out and cooking out and boat rides and margaritas and (shhh don’t tell them) lime cheesecake. Light at the end of the tunnel, y’all. Light at the end of the tunnel.



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