I just paid off the last of my colonoscopy bill, which feels less exciting than, say, paying off a car or a credit card but is still nice since the bills have been looming on my desk for almost six months. While the amount paid was not nearly as atrocious as it could have been, it’s nice to not have to worry about that any more every month. I’m also about to register for a 10-miler in Virginia Beach in December, which is – yay! – another race to put on the calendar to look forward to.

I’m also pleased to report that my experiments in trying out new running clothes have gone quite well. I tried some Smartwool socks on Wednesday, and my feet were singing my praises all the way out and back. The other new bra and sleeveless shirt I got were fantastic, too. So, I’m happy on that front.

Of course, I’ve not yet had enough of test-driving new things so I took a day off yesterday to go to the closest REI store – which is about an hour away, conveniently located close to saint of a boyfriend, whom I met there since he also had a day off – and shop their anniversary sale. Good God, I can’t remember the last time I spent that much money in one place that wasn’t a hospital… but I got some good, good schwag, and none of it at full price, which is even better. I got two more sleeveless shirts, some more Smartwool socks, an ultra-light running jacket, and a real, honest-to-goodness rain jacket, which is something I’ve been lacking for several years. (You’d think, living in mountainous Virginia, that I’d have fixed that much sooner, but no.) So, I’ll have to wait to try out the long-sleeve stuff, but the sleeveless shirts and the socks I can try out on my runs next week. So I spent a lot of money (erk), but it was well worth it.

After shopping, we had lunch at an absolutely fantastic sushi place just down the street; I have the leftovers for lunch today, which is doubly fantastic since I’ll be on the road and don’t much want fast food just yet in my weekend – that will be Monday on my way back, HELLO COOK OUT AND CHIK FIL A. Then, we went to an ale house around the corner and had a couple of lunch beers, whiling away a leisurely afternoon. It was definitely better than spending the day at work, I’ll tell you.

And then I came back home, packed, and lost myself in this book for a few more hours. The Stonecutter, as I think I referred to last time. It is the type of book I’d cancel social plans for, it’s so good. Pick up a copy if you can find it!

After running some errands and fixing myself a late (lazy) breakfast – I got this morning off, which was another delightful thing – I’m hitting the road to North Carolina for the famed Memorial Day weekend trip. Should be a great time. See y’all on the next week’s side of June, and have a great one!


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