Another numbered list!

1) Turkey burgers are not for consumption the night before a long Saturday run. It could also have been the artichoke dip, but either way, that was a lesson learned last weekend. To everyone behind me on whom I farted – and I know for sure there were at least three of you – I’m really, really sorry.

2) The three weeks between the Preakness and the Belmont in a year when a Triple Crown is on the line are ENTIRELY too long. I’m squirming myself to pieces waiting for Saturday to finally get here. I suspect I’ll be disappointed, but I still have hope.

3) Today was National Running Day! I got in my 6 miles on the treadmill, which was only made less horribly boring – there’s a reason some call it “the dreadmill” – by the fact that I could watch the French Open on TV while doing so. I came in during one of the women’s quarterfinals, the one that Petra Kvitova won, and instantly found myself rooting for her opponent because she was a qualifier (ranked 142nd in the world coming into the tournament) and was wearing glasses. She lost, but still put up a good fight. And then I got to watch the beginning of Rafael Nadal’s quarterfinal match, which hey, wouldn’t you know, made the time go so much faster! 🙂

4) We’ve had unnervingly cool weather this week, which would have meant outside runs if it hadn’t been raining every time I’ve tried to go. Grumble. This does still mean that my A/C has remained off, but given that Sunday’s high is rather close to 90 degrees, I think that will be changing in a few short days.

5) I have an unrelenting crush on Bryce Harper. I know he’s younger than my oldest nephew. I don’t care. The kid has everything, up to and including a horrible haircut that only adds to his charm. (And I’m totally only saying that because I have a crush on him. If it were anyone else, it would be unacceptable.)

6) Somewhat pursuant to that, I went to my first Nationals game last Saturday and had an incredibly fun time. The park is beautiful, the weather was perfect, the beer was overpriced, and I loved every second of it. I can NOT wait to go back, though I will buy tickets sooner than 3 days before the game next time. I have a Nats hat now, which I am not embarrassed to say I am wearing as much as I can.

7) New guilty pleasure: a chocolate Wendy’s Frosty topped with cookie dough balls that you get out of a tub. Not as good as many of the milkshakes I know and love, but it will do when you’re nowhere near a Cook Out or somesuch other place.

8) I might be addicted to baseball. I guess this is better than being addicted to cookie dough, and possibly not as healthy as being addicted to running, but this summer has become 200% more enjoyable with the addition of baseball. Dear everyone I ever said “I hate baseball” to, I take it back. It’s freaking AWESOME.

9) I start summer teaching next week, so I’m trying to enjoy as much of the last of my free time as I can. That said, I’m excited to meet my students, and have a suspicion that the next eight weeks are going to fly on by – as summer weeks so often do.

10) Did you guys see the transit of Venus last night? If you didn’t, well, I hope you plan to live until 2117, when the next one will occur 🙂 I was watching the live feed on NASA’s homepage and it was so fun listening to all of the scientists get really excited about this event. It was pretty cool, and you can watch time-lapse videos here:  (my favorite is the third one, where you can see giant solar flares!)

Hmm. My stomach tells me that dinner must be made now, and the clock tells me I have a Nats game to watch – let’s hope it’s not the epic 12-inning, 4+-hour battle that last night’s game was, as fun as that was to watch. Onward!


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