Quick update!

I’m sitting here in my compression calf sleeves, which arrived yesterday, and giggling to myself about how silly they look on me. But, they feel fantastic; I’m going to bring them to work and wear them around there. (I’m out of the public eye, and few people are usually in on Fridays, so I feel totally okay doing this) I don’t think I’ll run in them just yet; I’d like to see how my legs feel when I wear them after running or on rest days before upping the ante, if you will.

My GI doctor appointment on Wednesday was actually a really good one; I went in almost immediately and only had to wait when I posed a series of questions that required my doctor (who was wearing really cute shoes) to scramble around to find some answers. Expected waiting I don’t mind; it’s when I have to wait for no reason that I get miffed. Anyway, she had some blood tests ordered for me because I expressed some concern about needing to pee all the time and being thirsty all the time; my UC seems to be holding itself in check just fine, and I’m continuing to taper off my butt-steroids, but given my family history of diabetes I thought it might be a good idea to ask why in the past several months I’ve been having these thirst and urination issues. I mean, it’s almost impossible for me to sleep through the night any more because I often have to get up and go, but I drink a ton of water because I exercise a lot, and especially now when it’s hot and humid outside.

So I got the blood tests done, and had great fun Googling the acronyms in the results. Everything was within normal ranges except my sodium, which was low, so I’m going to see a primary care physician next month to probably do some more blood tests and a urinalysis to figure out why that’s so. For now, my orders are to drink more Gatorade and see how that does me, which I’m fine with, and if I feel worse, I’ll move up the date of the PCP appointment.

Running-wise it’s been a good rest of the week. My abs are still sore from Wednesday, as are my arms from lifting yesterday, but it’s the good sore that comes from having pushed myself, which I’m totally okay with. I surprised my students with donuts and coffee this morning, which was a lot of fun because they had no idea I was coming, much less with treats; their reaction was pretty awesome. I bought myself a few donuts as well, and have just finished them and a tall cup of coffee while I catch up on the news. Mmm… donuts.

So that’s that! Happy Friday, y’all.


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