The perfect end to a rough week.

To give you an indication of how this week went, Thursday was the night that I got more hours of sleep than the previous three nights combined. That I got 8 hours of sleep on Thursday should tell you that this was a trying week, indeed.

But – I survived it. Teaching for the summer has finished; I’ve got a couple of weeks off until the next teaching assignment starts – even though classes don’t start for nearly another month, I’m teaching something I’ve never taught before (academic writing, which is in our English department), and as such I’ll be getting a lot of training and mentoring before classes start, which is nice. The play that I’m in will be in final rehearsals this week and next, and then we’re running the weekend of the 16th-19th, and then I truly have a week off before classes begin for the fall.

I thought it would be nice to get out of town, so here I am in D.C. and presently on the tail end of a 9-mile run. It was HOT when I left at 6:30am – 81 degrees with 85% humidity – so it’s no surprise that I for the first time completely soaked through my running clothes to the point of being able to wring them out upon returning. Gross, and I lost 2 lbs in water weight in the process, which I’m presently replenishing (especially since I’ll be drinking copious amounts of beer later on) at a rapid rate. I also reached a runner’s milestone with my first bloody sock, but its source was surprising; I have a blister on my right ring toe that occasionally flares up and hurts, and today it was bugging me by the end of my run. So I was surprised to see that that wasn’t what was bleeding; apparently something had cut into my left middle toe – possibly the nail on my left ring toe, oops; I should trim that 🙂 – and done so to the point of bleeding pretty well everywhere all over those left 3 toes. Eeeew, but I felt – and still feel – absolutely no pain from that. Huh.

Those of you who read this blog regularly and know of my penchant for getting lost in new running cities will be pleased to know that I wrote my route out on my hand in ink. This was a great idea until I started sweating and the words started blurring, and even more a great idea until I ran under some sprinklers behind the Capitol building to refresh myself, but I purposefully structured my run around the perimeter of the National Mall so that I’d always have at least two giant monuments as reference points in case I got turned around. Happily, my smudges were still legible enough, and I returned in good stead without any confusion. Woohoo!

I have to say, no matter how many times I do it, seeing the Capitol backlit by the rising sun never, ever gets old. Dawn in D.C. really is beautiful, even if it’s going to be a hot day; the city just reflects light so well. And once I adjusted to the absurd humidity, it was a good, flat, fun, fast run. I don’t hurt terribly much, if at all, which is good since I suspect there will be a bit of walking later on. Other-running-wise this week, I’ve learned that I can do 6-mile pace runs on 3 hours of sleep and not be too much the worse for the wear in that regard; since I was running on so little sleep in general I’d say this was the hardest week I’ve had so far in my training in terms of the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, but I pushed through and did it, and I’m glad that it’s behind me now. To say that I’ve been looking forward to this weekend would be a minor understatement, in more ways than one.
Okay then! Onward with Gatorade and a shower, and then I will wake my sleeping comrades, get some coffee and brunch, hit the museums, and then go to my second Nationals game (with Strasburg jersey in tow, even though he’s not pitching tonight) and surround myself with beer, fried food, and good company. And lots and lots of sleep tonight. Perfect, indeed.


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