Beer. And shoes. And some other stuff, too

I’m always amused at how much traffic my blog gets when I include the word “beer” anywhere in a post. Dear people who clicked on this because it contains that magical word: This is not a blog about beer, sorry. But, I can give you a picture of beer:

Mmm, pumpkin-y.That’s most – but not all – of my pumpkin beer stock for this fall. There are 8 more Smuttynose bottles in storage, and I sampled one of them last weekend when we got a nice chill in the air on a couple of nights that portended the wonderful End of Awful Hot Weather and the imminent arrival of My Most Favorite and Most Awesome Season Every Year. If you need further proof of this, Dunkin’ Donuts is soon to be selling their Pumpkin Spice coffee, which I am more than prepared to consume en masse.

Ahem. Anyway, I’m looking forward to drinking this stock over the next several weeks. Fall is the best, for many reasons, and this is but one of them.

Now, on to shoes. When I got my new kicks at the end of July, I took a picture of the old ones and the new ones to compare how they looked and I was quite surprised at how beat-up the old ones had gotten. Take a look:

Wow. I guess that’s what happens when you put 422 miles on one pair….!

And now, for the other stuff. Last week was a good running week; since I was still mondo-sore from my first real round of squats and lunges, I ran as many uphill routes as I could muster, since downhill running was really rather quite painful. That meant that I ran up a mountain on Wednesday, but the views were fantastic, even if the sun was doing its best to kill me in the middle of the day. I’ve been doing more squats and lunges and side-leg lifts, and I can feel them for sure, but the soreness has abated, which is nice. Saturday I volunteered at a race for the first time, which was a ton of fun. I was at one of the water tables and had a total blast cheering every single runner and walker on, dodging flung water cups all the while. I ran there and back, which was a perfect 7.5-mile route one-way to give me my 15-mile roundtrip long run for the week, and it was hilly as all get-out, but quite lovely, even if it was raining most of the way and I was completely, utterly soaked by the time I got home. It didn’t matter; I felt fantastic, and not just from having completed the (to date) longest run of my life. Lots and lots of warm fuzzies from the volunteering experience; it’s definitely something I need to do more of, stat.

And that brings me to this week, where I tick above 30 miles per week for the first time (eeee!) and maybe, definitely, by the end of the week start thinking about dipping into those pumpkin beers. Oh, and the NFL kicks off this week, too. HOT DOG.

Happy start to September, indeed!


2 Responses to Beer. And shoes. And some other stuff, too

  1. Happy Runner says:

    I like pumpkin beer. 😉 I should add beer to my blog titles… hehehe…

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