I’ve done (at least) two insane things in the past ten days…

I mean, relatively speaking. But these are more egregious than the rest:

1) I signed up for another half-marathon before my November marathon. I’m running my according-to-training-plan half this weekend, two days from now in fact (about which I’m pumped; the course looks relatively flat – FAMOUS LAST WORDS HAHAHA – and the weather should be spot-on perfect), so it’s not like I need another half. I don’t, at all, especially not in early October when I have a 19-mile run scheduled. But come on, a 6-mile warmup before a race? I’ve totally done that before, and it totally turned out okay. (Never mind that that race was half the distance that this one will be.)

So why the hell did I sign up for this thing? If you’ve ever lived in the metro DC area, you’ll understand this: Saint of a Boyfriend had dinner with some assorted folks a couple of nights ago and through conversation discovered that one of them is from the DC area and is big into running. Said runner told Saint about “the most awesome half-marathon I’ve ever done that was sooooo cool”, which Saint later relayed to me as “they shut down an entire bridge that’s part of a highway over the river from Virginia into Maryland and you run over it”. Having no idea which bridge he was talking about – there are two major ones, the George Washington Memorial Bridge part of I-495 that runs on the western side of DC, and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge part of I-95 that runs on the eastern side of DC – I was nonetheless intrigued. How awesome would it be to be able to run through two states and over D.C. waters, especially if it happened to be the bridge on which I’ve been stuck in traffic hopeless, countless times driving to and from Maryland into Virginia and vice versa? [sidenote: I grew up in the part of Maryland from which you have to take that bridge to get into Virginia, and went to college in Virginia, so I know that bridge well and have spent far more time on that bridge than I care to think about.] Answer: totally awesome.

Alas, I Googled the thing, and was slightly disappointed to find out that the race is actually over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, but, I’ve been stuck in traffic on that span of concrete enough to understand that this would still be a really cool opportunity. I hemmed and hawed for a bit – the price is a bit steep, it’s on a Sunday, but the course looks really pretty plus it’s in October and I love all things on an early morning in October, and Saint would come with me, plus he was so exuberant about this other runner guy having had such an excellent experience that I was nearly getting palpitations just listening to him describe how the other guy felt – but, last night, I took the plunge. Signed up. Confirmed. Done.

Whatthefuhiswrongwithme? )(Answer: marathon madness.)

Icing on the cake: as if this was Fate intervening, there’s a home game for the Redskins later that afternoon a few miles up the road. I’m about to call Saint to convince him that we should get some cheap tickets in the upper seats and spend our Sunday afternoon that way. 😀

Here’s the site for the race, if you’re curious: http://www.wilsonbridgehalf.com/

2) I spent $40 on socks. Sorry, I should clarify: I spent $40 on only four pairs of socks. But hear me out here: my feet get blisters. Rather, my toes get blisters, like whoa, and it’s gross. Maximally disgusting, to borrow a term from the 1980s. I hit a breaking point when I realized I was going through 40+ Band-Aids a week – at least 10 per run – to prevent my blisters from getting worse or bleeding or anything. It’s not my shoes; this happens no matter which running shoes I wear, though it did occur to me later that I could probably just tie them tighter and save myself $40. But I started Googling, and sifted through enough reviews to settle on several pairs of Balega Hidden Comfort socks – most of the reviews I read said “my blisters were many but the heavens parted once I put these on and BAM! my feet were singing blister-free praises”. That’s enough to convince me; four pairs it was. Confirmed. Shipped.

I got them in the mail the day before my 17-miler last weekend. I decided it was not maybe the best idea to try them then, because I believe in starting small and working my way up, even though I probably would have been fine. The night before that run, I slipped on a pair just to see how they felt.

Cue the “Hallelujah” chorus from Handel’s Messiah. No joke. I was almost sad to take them off. (Pathetic, kind of, isn’t it?)

But, I was also really, really excited to wear them on my shorter runs this week. And I did: two 4-milers and a 7-mile pace run. TURN THAT HALLELUJAH CHORUS UP TO 20, because these socks are freaking miraculous. No Band-Aids, nice, tight tying of the laces, and I am set. I do still have blisters because they won’t ever fully heal until I stop running – which will probably be the day my legs actually physically are separated from my body – but the important thing is that they’re not being rubbed down any more or having new blisters form on top of them. They don’t even hurt during my runs. That’s how epically awesome these socks are.

So, point being: I highly, highly, stratospherically recommend these socks to anyone who runs. Absolutely worth the absurd amount of money I no longer feel guilty at having spent.

Here you go: http://www.balega.com/socks/hidden-comfort

That’s it… for now. Happy weekend, everyone! 😀


One Response to I’ve done (at least) two insane things in the past ten days…

  1. briana says:

    1. Marathon madness is the weirdest addiction. 2. As a fellow sufferer of toe blisters, totally hittin up these socks. Thanks for the tip!

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