This is what I get for messing with THE PLAN.

I’ve been mostly good about sticking with my training plan for the marathon. I haven’t missed a single run; some long runs have been rain-delayed by a day, and some midweek easy runs have become tempo runs and vice versa for the same reason. I did some of this with my half-marathon training and everything came out fine. Well, this week, Hal Higdon has his revenge on me for assuming I know better than he does.

This week’s breakdown: midweek – Tuesday, 5 easy; Wednesday, 5 tempo; Thursday, 5 easy. Weekend long: 19. No problem, right? Except Tuesday was totally rained out, so I figured I’d make Tuesday my tempo run and Wednesday an easy run, with an eye on Thursday’s weather to see if it could also be a tempo run. (The answer is that it won’t, unless something happens today like it did yesterday.) This worked out well since I was crunched for time on Tuesday anyway. Tempo run it was. And tempo run went great.

I got started a bit late with Wednesday’s run, and was a bit pressed for time since I suddenly had a meeting in the afternoon that hadn’t been previously scheduled. But it was hot, and humid, and sticky, and I just wasn’t feeling it for the first couple of miles. Which may have been – or it could have just been my inherent clumsiness – why I totally failed to see a giant crack in the sidewalk on which I was running. The worst part about this is that I stumbled, sort of regained my balance, and then took several stutter-strides forward in what was ultimately a failed effort at staying upright. BAM. Down I went, left-knee-first, right-palm-second. I think I even slid a couple of feet, too.

So of course I got up and assessed the damage, which was lots of blood and an already-angry-looking bump of swollenness on my knee and a nicely scratched palm. Thankfully, I’d had the good sense to wipe out across the street from a convenience store, so I was able to get some paper towels to wipe myself off as best I could before continuing on. I mean, what else can you do, right? So I became that person running down crowded streets with blood trickling down my leg, which made me feel both bad-ass and gross at the same time. Adrenaline is a fantastic thing, let me tell you: not only did I not feel any pain until I stopped, but I also ended up accidentally making it another tempo run, this one even faster than Tuesday’s. So I think I’ve earned an easier run today, in slightly cooler weather.

But man. That little bugger got big and red and angry when I was done with my shower! I iced it for most of last night, and I think it’ll be okay; it doesn’t hurt now, but then, I haven’t tried to put 5 more miles on it yet.

What Hal doesn’t know yet is that I plan to split my weekend-long-run 19 miles into a 6-mile warmup and then a half-marathon, about two hours apart. Please, no one tell him. I don’t need to shed any more blood this week in the name of the run. 😛


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