Well shit. (T-minus 23 hours and counting.)

That’s a good “well, shit”, mind you, because now that I’ve finished my 2-mile blowout run, my training is officially over.

I am Ready.

I mean, I’ve been ready for two weeks now, but now I know for sure deep down that I really AM ready, because setting that treadmill at a pace a good minute faster than my race pace – and increasing it as I went – felt good. Light, springy, and yes, tough by the end, but damn did it feel good. Now that I’ve woken my legs up they’re all “oh hey, can we keep going?” and I have to tell them “No, wait one more day please”, and then it hits me that the temporal span I just said is ONE DAY, and I realize that this thing is happening tomorrow, tomorrow, and that in 24 hours I will be somewhere on Grove Avenue – a road I’ve run many times in training, and not – soaking up the sun and the atmosphere with so much still ahead of me.


The rest of my day will involve a shower, maybe more coffee, teaching my class, packing, preparing lunches for next week so I don’t have to do it when I get home on Sunday, and getting myself over to RVA so I can get my packet and maybe drive the parts of the course I’ve not run so I can at least see what they feel like. There will be dinner, possibly beer, and my mom gets into town later so I’ll go see her (eeee!) and get myself to bed early, provided I can even manage to sleep – I was already getting the “omgwtfbbq” insomnia last night, so it’s good that I’ve been getting good sleep through the earlier parts of this week because AHHHH. I AM SO EXCITED IT TOOK ME THREE TRIES TO SPELL EXCITED CORRECTLY.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeohgod! 🙂


2 Responses to Well shit. (T-minus 23 hours and counting.)

  1. Alex says:



    Have fun!

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