Here we go!

T-minus less than 2 hours. I fell asleep sometime after 1:00am, dreamed weird dreams, woke up to move when my hips started hurting, and fairly leaped out of bed when the alarm went off at 5:30am.

So… yeah. The marathon is here.

It’s still a little early for me to be in a thinking person’s headspace, but my mind is pretty blank right now, which surprises me, sort of. I thought I’d be thinking about everything that led up to this point: the then-insane impulse to sign up for this thing a year ago; the eventual training for my first half that sort of led into this; the fear of having injured myself before training even started; and, once training did start, all of the work – the 5am runs in 100% pre-dawn humidity in July and August, when it was just me and the stars and a few honking cars; the clothes-soaking long runs in August; the infamous 12-mile bonk run; the two halves I did in September and October; the early mornings darkening and forcing me to run later in the day; the heat, the hot, the ugh of sweating through another 8-mile pace run; getting to run a new ‘longest distance ever’ every other weekend; the hangover runs; the digestive-issues runs; what a BIG DEAL the 18-miler seemed like until I got tot the 20-miler; the crappy short runs I had that made me want to quit; the 20-miler in New York City that nearly broke my heart while totally uplifting it; running with blood all over my leg trying to will away the pain and the desire to catch a bus home; suddenly having to deal with chilly weather; getting to sleep in a little later because the long runs got less long, getting antsy during the taper, starting to think that this is actually happening

But I’m not thinking of that, no, because writing it out was a little confusing because it all seems like a blur now. It’s me and the roads ahead of me, and that’s it.

The journey of 26.2 miles begins with a single step. In about 90 minutes, I finally get to take that step.



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