Back on the wagon!

I have, I think, finally come down from the post-marathon high and re-joined society. It was fun living in a little bubble last week, reading race recaps and combing through pictures, thinking back over those 26.2 miles and how awesome they were. Hey, you want pictures? I got pictures!

Me on the podium in the finish-line party area (and it was so much harder to get down those steps than up):











And hey, I found these old pictures of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge half I ran in October. Here’s my “normal” post-race shot:









And here’s my “about to get my brains picked out!” shot:











Anyway. So, I took last week completely off from running, which was very much needed, but by the time I went back out for a run on Saturday morning, I also realized that that was very much needed. I had no planned route when I left the house; I decided to go wherever my feet felt like taking me, and stop when I got tired. Probably I overdid it, but I got in 8.5 miles without any problems, though parts of my legs are telling me I need to get a new pair of shoes soon. On Sunday I got up early for an easy 4-miler, which felt weird for two reasons: 1) I almost never run on Sundays; they’re my cross-training days, usually; 2) I knew from the beginning that it was going to be a quick run, since I was cold and trying to move faster to keep myself warm. It did end up being faster than I’d anticipated, which was nice. I like feeling goooood at the end of runs, no matter how short they are.

I took yesterday off, and was supposed to run a quick 3 today that turned into a quick 4, oops…  another quick 2 tomorrow, and then a Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the first running challenge I’ve ever done: Runners’ World is doing a “running streak challenge”, in which you run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. I’ve never done a running streak before, so I’m interested in keeping one up; also, now is the right time to do something like this, since I’m not actively training for anything this month and next. (Whew.) And, double bonus, it will keep me moving through the holidays – there’s a lot of food and drink coming up in the next six weeks, and it’s all gotta go somewhere…

So yeah. That’s new and cool. I bought myself some capris and another pair of long pants for cold-weather running, since it’s occurred to me that in the absence of precipitation, I really do prefer to run outside, and there will be some days where shorts don’t quite cut it. Both pairs of capris have been tested, and I am pleased with them, since they kept my thighs nice and toasty while still letting everything breathe. It’s startling how much better you seem to run when you aren’t worried about being over- or under-dressed!

Also of note (and yes, I did tweet about this because it’s amusing to me): While running, I’ve worn capris twice and been been blatantly honked at twice. Coincidence? I think not. (thank you, squats!)

I’ll probably report back after the Turkey Trot; I have this absurd idea that I can try to win my age group, based on last year’s results, so I’ll let you know how that goes. Scintillating, no? 🙂


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