Streaking towards the end of 2012

No, put your hats back on, I don’t mean that I’m running naked for the next four and a half weeks. I mean, I might, were it not entirely too chilly – think of the visibility! And the total lack of a need to do laundry! Hmmm…

Kidding, kidding. Something far less lascivious is going on, I regret to say.

Last week I started a running streak, as I alluded to in my last post, spurred entirely by the folks at Runner’s World who posed a challenge on Twitter: start a streak on Thanksgiving, and run at least one mile every day until New Year’s Day. Because I am an overachiever (or I was just stressed out, or wanted to sharpen myself for last week’s Turkey Trot), I started my streak last Tuesday, November 20. I’ve run 36.1 miles since then (and yes, that 0.1 is important, haha), and I feel no signs of wanting or needing to stop any time soon. I’m sort of wondering if this maybe might be the sort of thing I continue into 2013 – it’s another goal, right? And I need those in Life After The Marathon, though I already have one (set a new half-marathon PR in March. No, wait, I have two: break 5:00 in my next marathon. Hmmm.). I’m quickly approaching the goal of getting to the 1,000-mile mark for this year, which I think is just nuts, especially since there’s still an entire month still left to go in 2012.

Anyway, I’d also said in my last post that I’d wanted to kick all sorts of ass at the Turkey Trot I’d signed up for on Thanksgiving morning. I won’t blather on about it too much, but here’s a picture of me at the finish (thank you to Saint and his smartphone camera):






















I told Saint before the start of the race that I’d be pleased to break 27:00, and that my eventual goal in my running life was to someday post a time with the minutes starting at 25. I also maybe indicated that I thought I could finish in the top 5 for my age group.

What you see above is me finishing officially at 25:37 – my watch read around 26:10 but I got jostled at the start – and finishing 4th in my age group and 19th overall for gender. (!) (!!)  I couldn’t believe it, either: thank God the good people of Lake Norman, North Carolina aren’t as speedy as the people I usually run with, because I never ever ever would have thought of coming in the top 5 or top 20 for either my age group or overall gender pretty much, like, ever in my life.

So that was a pretty awesome start to the Thanksgiving holiday. 🙂

Also awesome was the Redskins’ evisceration of the Cowboys (that very nearly fell apart), a nice, long, easy run on the morning after Thanksgiving to burn off all that pumpkin pie and beer, a visit to the Biltmore Estate that afternoon, some nice, short runs in clean-air small-town Saluda, North Carolina, a lovely hike to see some beautiful waterfalls in the Pisgah National Forest, aaaaaand not one but two Cook Out milkshakes while road-tripping with Saint.

Since then, it’s been back to work and school (waaaaahhh) and streaking (woohoo!) and getting back to the gym to keep other stuff strong and working (ouch). After not having lifted weights or done extra core/leg work for three weeks, my body’s pretty pissed at me right now, but it’ll get over it. I guess it’s also starting to get to be the Christmas season, too, which I’ve been fighting pretty hard because I feel like it always just comes entirely too early, but I know damn well that I’m going to sit down and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas tonight and start getting all blubbery and stupid and open my arms to this totally overblown time of year. I’m hopeless…


2 Responses to Streaking towards the end of 2012

  1. Mary says:

    Congrats on your race! You can totally break 25 minutes!

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