Assorted things: the blizzard run, tapering, and baseball.

We got some snow last week, as I’d indicated would happen in my last post. We got anywhere from 6-10 inches, depending on where in town you were and who was measuring, and most of the town shut down. This included my school (hooray! classes are cancelled!) but also its libraries (booo, I wanted to use Internet there!) and gyms (uh-oh), mostly because none of these places had any power. My house lost power early in the morning, so after making some phone calls to ascertain all of the above, I went out for my scheduled 6-mile run in driving snow. Wet, heavy, sideways-falling-with-whipping-wind snow.

Yes, I am nuts, but it was one of the most fun runs I’ve ever had. I couldn’t move faster than a shuffle, really, so I just took time to enjoy the scenery. It was beautiful, although destructive – there are still several trees and their parts down even five days later – and in parts dangerous, but all in all, I loved every second of it, even while I was getting splashed with slush from passing cars (sidewalks were totally impassable because no one had started shoveling yet). It was probably the coldest and wettest 6 miles I’ll ever run; every part of me was soaked, even my hair, and my legs were bright red with wet and cold when I peeled everything off to shower. But, whatever: it was awesome. Nearly slipping several times on latent ice three days later was not as awesome, but what can you do? Spring is around the corner (urgh? – I really really love cold-weather running!).

Also around the corner is my next half-marathon. Sunday, in fact, and I’m tapering for it and I forgot how much I frigging hate tapering. My stomach still thinks we’re doing another high-mileage week, and my body is like a stupid kid who’s had too much sugar and has just found out he’s going to Disney World over spring break and is jumping up and down shrieking canwegonowcanwegonowcanwegonow?!?! Arrrrrrgh. I know that this too shall pass, but I’m already antsy, and it’s still six days away. Despite my nagging soreness in certain parts, I do suspect that I will be able to set a PR in this race (unless I literally get hit by a truck before then); I feel superbly ready, and I ran far more miles in training for this one than for any other half I’ve trained (or even for the marathon, really). The course is also flatter than a pancake, with an elevation gain of approximately 25 feet over 13.1 miles. Sweeeet.

Also sweet was the return of somewhat more temperate weather over the weekend – high-50s and low-60s – that allowed me to eschew my studying without guilt (it’s actually spring break around here, though I’m not going to Disney World) and catch a couple of college baseball games. It’s a totally different vibe from the major-league games, obviously, since it’s absent alcohol and plus many, many more families, I think, because the ticket prices are oodles more affordable, but it was still great fun. We opened our conference schedule with a doubleheader on Saturday and an afternoon game on Sunday, which turned out to be a rubber match that we lost, alas. But, the first game on Saturday was quite thrilling, and did plenty to get me excited not just for more games down the road of our season but also for the tickers abounding telling me when Opening Day is for my beloved Nats. (April 1, in case you were curious.) We have a good team this year, and I hope they go far; one of my favorite sports memories is being in the outfield bleachers two years ago when they were down to their last out and hit a walk-off single to come back for the win, clinch the series, and go to the College World Series. I probably won’t see anything like that again in my lifetime, but a girl can dream, right?

(I’m actually watching the replay of this right now and getting chills; in case you’re interested and have 10 minutes to spare, go here: )

Aaaaaand that’s it. More after my half, wherein I hope to report with a virtual shit-eating grin that I smashed my PR – unless I go stir-crazy enough with the taper that I pop back in for an AAAAAHHHHHHH of excitement. Wheee!


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