Marine Corps Marathon 2013: here I come!

Huzzah! (Can I say “ooh-rah” if I’m not a Marine? It feels wrong, so I’ll just stick with Huzzah! for now.) I am one of the lucky several thousand who received an email yesterday afternoon containing the following magical words: “Congratulations, you’re in!” In case you hadn’t heard (and I don’t expect you to have), The People’s Marathon is one of the fastest sell-outs in the U.S., and this year it sold out in less time than many people will run it: 2 hours and 27 minutes. I was online right when registration opened, and spent 20 minutes refreshing windows in multiple browsers, but eventually, I made it in. Many did not, and I understand their frustration, so I wonder if the MCM is going to continue to use its online registration free-for-all next year. Since I have no complaints, I don’t think they should do anything, but a quick peek at the vitriol being spewed on Facebook at the MCM tells a different story.


In any event, I’m in and I’m giddy as a schoolgirl, because I’ve already booked my hotel room for the weekend and spent a little too much time last night geeking out over the course map (see it here, and tell me you don’t see what I see on the right-hand side: and reading a million things about logistics and race-day fun and the foods they’ll have on the course. I did that last thing because one thing I might try with training for this marathon is using the fuel they’ll offer in the race on my long runs – and I decided that before I saw that they’re handing out Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins at mile 24. 🙂

Another thing I’m going to try with training for this marathon (my second. Eeee!) is simply running more: upwards of 40-50 miles a week, or about twice what I did when training for my first one. How exactly I am going to accomplish this while working, teaching, and writing my dissertation is a question I am still sorting out, but –

Wait, what? Writing my dissertation? Didn’t I have to pass some PhD exams first, you ask? (Or I ask, rhetorically?)

Well, yes, I did, and yes, I did – I finished my oral exams yesterday, so I’m all officially ABD (“all-but-dissertation”, in gradschool speak). This means that the only thing left to do (HA!) before graduating is write (and, uh, I guess defend) my dissertation, which then means I can get a job being all teachy-like somewhere. But, yes, this was a huge hurdle, and I’m glad to have cleared it. I definitely cracked open a celebratory Hopslam last night when I got home. 🙂

In other brief running news, just for fun, I’m running a 5k Saturday morning to see if I can achieve another 2013 goal: the sub-25:00 5k. It’s a hilly course – actually, I don’t know what the exact course is, but it’s a neighborhood course that has several hills and I kind of like that it’s a “show up and we tell you where to go” sort of race – so I’m not sure how this will shake out, but I feel ready to do some sprinting for a few miles. I’ve been having good success with recovering slowly and safely after my half two weeks ago, and the race benefits a good cause, so why not?

So, that’s that for now. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, this was all rather redundant, but oh well. 🙂


2 Responses to Marine Corps Marathon 2013: here I come!

  1. Good luck! I have also signed on for this marathon and can’t wait until October. Hope your training goes well!

    • kmt4n says:

      Thank you! Good luck to you too; I’ve heard this is one of the best ‘first’ marathons from several who have done it, so you should be in for a treat! Happy training 🙂

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