HAHAHA whaaat? Another 2013 goal achieved: 5k PR smashed!

Saint, before I left for the hilly 5k yesterday morning: I think you’re going to run it in… 26:30.

Me: Are you kidding? I’m going for sub-25:00 [as that’s my 5k goal for 2013].

Saint: Oh, well then! I thought you didn’t like the course?

Me: [the course map was emailed to us late Friday night, so I knew it before I left] Nah, it’s not that I don’t like it per se… it’s just hilly, more so than I might like, but I’m familiar with it and I know how to run it. I may not get sub-25:00, but I am certainly going to do my best!

Saint: Get it, girl! *high-five*

And off I went.

This is the part that Saint missed:

I put myself near the front and thought I went out entirely too fast, but I was being drafted and eventually passed by a guy with the most astoundingly loud footfalls on the downhills that I wanted to get away from him just to escape that awful thudding sound that made me cringe and think “knee injury coming through!”. So I dusted him and finally disposed of him on the flat parts, and as we rounded the turns towards the middle of the course, I was passed by a guy with the name “Hunter” on the back of his shirt. I don’t know why, but he irritated me, and I resolved to pass him – right when we turned around to head back and got to the really hilly part of the course. Whatever, I thought, I know how to run these hills and I bet he doesn’t. [Even if that’s not true, it helps me to tell myself that as motivation!] So I started pumping my arms to catch him. But he wasn’t giving in! Two more turns, and then I had him: and then I heard footsteps behind me. I didn’t glance back, but I knew someone was drafting me again, and as we turned a corner and the volunteers directed us, they cheered for him: “Go, Dr. Pearson!” OK, not the Hunter guy, I thought, but don’t let him pass you. It’s stupid, really, because in a race I’m really only racing against myself, but I find it helpful sometimes to use poor unsuspecting people as motivation to keep pushing. This guy will never know it, but he’s the only thing that kept me from slowing down in the last mile.

We pushed up a giant hill and then back down to make one of the last two left turns with about a half-mile to go, and there was a girl far in front of me that I knew I wasn’t going to catch (I mean like 200 yards in front of me, even though she kept looking back as if she was afraid of being caught). I knew the doctor was still close behind me, so I pushed on the flat and downhill parts to put some distance between us in case he had a kick for the hill at the end saved up. At one point I’d thought I was going to puke and hyperventilate because I was, really, running way outside of my comfort zone, but I also knew that if I pushed I could probably get that sub-25:00 PR. I was again running without a watch, and running only by feel, and I felt like crap in the way that I knew I was going to have a good race, if that makes sense.

So we approached the final hill and I hauled ass up it. I heard the doctor’s footsteps drop off and I thought for a second that he’d stopped entirely – but no, when we got to the top and onto the flat straightaway before the downhill into the last turn into the finish, I could hear him again, but not as close as he’d sounded before. I didn’t dare look back, so I focused on getting downhill. One last turn – there’s the timing clock, what does it say? I squinted, but couldn’t make it out juuuust yet – wait, what? Does that say 23:something? 23:30 – HOLY SHIT WHAT. Not only was I going to make sub-25:00, but if I truly hauled ass, I could make sub-24:00. I think I actually started laughing, and then I started sprinting. My lungs were all “what the fuck are you doing” and my legs were all “you bitch, you have GOT to be kidding” but the clock was ticking 23:48, 23:49, 23:50… I think? I don’t know! And then I crossed, and what the FUCK that was awesome. I just broke 24:00 in the 5k WHAAAAaaaaaat.

I knew I’d gotten under 24, but not by how much, and I didn’t find out until much later when I was home and looking for the results. The PDF listed the age group winners first, so I scrolled right past them and went for my name in the finishers’ list- ah, there I was, 37th place (out of 150), 23:54. Woohoo! Then I scrolled up again and –

Huh. Wait, is that my name up there? The fuck?

I got 2nd in my age group, 30-39 females. 😀

WHAAAAAT. I mean, you guys, I don’t do this. I don’t win races, I don’t come close to winning races or even age groups, but – wait, wow, what? OMG, I won a prize that I now have to go pick up somewhere because I left early because I never in any sort of version of life figured that I’d get an age group award?

I thought I was going to bounce off the walls. I high-fived Saint with such force that I think I hurt his hand. This is so big for me: I’ve now met 2 of my 4 running goals for 2013, and we’re only at the end of March. [Yes, okay, there *were* only 150 people in the race, but I also was the 8th female overall, which also just does not happen. Word!]

So, yeah, I felt/feel pretty freaking awesome about that. It’s a rainy Easter day here, so we’re just taking it easy, lounging and watching TV and (I at least am) reading about baseball because TOMORROW IS OPENING DAY AND THAT IS GOOD. March ends on a rather fantastic note, which pleases me greatly. 😀


4 Responses to HAHAHA whaaat? Another 2013 goal achieved: 5k PR smashed!

  1. You stomped that PR! Fantastic race and re-cap.
    You run a lot like I do, and I was LOL. Over the past year i’ve come to the conclusion that your not running hard enough if you don’t feel like your going to puke. I havn’t tried this on a marathon yet, but it’s definately true for 5k, 10k and Halfs.

    • kmt4n says:

      Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah, I’ve definitely also come to that conclusion. I don’t know if I’ll ever try it in a marathon, but for shorter distances, absolutely- one of the reasons I knew I was going to PR in the half I did a couple of weeks ago was that I was fighting to keep my stomach from turning in the last 4 miles (because the feeling doesn’t usually hit me until late in a run). It’s a good indication of success, but I *hate* the way it makes me feel at the moment! It’s something I’m trying to overcome, actually, to push myself to keep running outside of my comfort zone. Of course, I say this having never actually puked after a run – perhaps I’d feel differently if that were not the case….!

      • Maybe when that happens you’ll know you’ve hit your limit. It’s great if that feeling doesn’t hit you untill the last four miles.
        I have a Half this weekend but it is very hilly. It will be hard to run so hard that I might puke. Pushing up the hills is the challenge for this race.

      • kmt4n says:

        Yeah, let’s hope so – or, I’d be OK with it never happening, either. 🙂

        Hills are a bitch, but you can do them! I wish you luck, and a minimum of upchuck 🙂

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