Things I’ve learned / Running in London

I’ve been running, but not blogging, lately. Here, let me fix that:

Things I’ve Learned Since My Last Post

1. Pie is a fantastic motivator when you do not want to run up a hill towards a finish line.

2. I can still run a race with a sinus infection and manage a sub-25:00 5k. Probably entirely because of #1.

3. Having other people to push you during a race is a really cool thing. Also, finding out that you performed the same function for them is cool, too.

4. Flying Dog Double Dog IPA is one of the best beers I’ve ever had.

4a. Beer festivals are dangerous, but I will not stop going to them because I enjoy talking to the reps in case they’re also the brewers. Usually they’re not, but they at least know something about what they’re pouring, and I like chatting about beer.

4b. People can be friends if they are ardent fans of opposing baseball teams if they are willing to agree to disagree and simply drink beer together. (I recently discovered that a good friend is a Braves fan, which will not do. But we both love beer, so… yeah.)

4c. Pub crawl 5ks are hilarious.

4d. Pub crawl 5ks in which most of the participants are Marines wearing absurd costumes and singing their cadence songs between bars are possibly the most hilarious.

4e. Pub crawl 5ks are probably the only kind of 5k in which I’ll actually finish first. I’m okay with this.

5. Running in the rain can be fun. (I normally don’t like it because I wear glasses, and even with a cap or a visor, it still gets hard to see after a couple of miles. And no, I don’t own contacts, nor am I going to purchase them for this purpose.) I qualify this by saying that the rain has to be a light one – enough that it still cools you, but not so much that you get soaked to the socks within a mile. Within three miles, fine, and at that point you can do nothing but laugh because you’re making that squish-squish-squish sound as you go, which never ceases to be amusing.

6. Running in the rain in the dark before dawn, after a couple of days of steady rain that pools on surfaces, means that you will accidentally step in a lot of puddles. If you’re like me, your inner 5-year-old will be absolutely delighted by this, even if your 33-year-old toes are not.

7. The thought of running in another country while on vacation is exciting (Epping Forest calls my name!), but also terrifying (I am going to get lost finding my way around, I guarantee you).

So, yes: tomorrow Saint and I are heading to London for a well-deserved vacation, and I’m not sure if my running streak – going since November 20, 2012 – will survive, but I’m okay with that. There will be beer, food, sights, and FOOFERAW, and it will be awesome.

As they say there – cheers!


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