Marathon month! And, September by the numbers.

yup. Marathon month is here = 24 days until MCM = I got my bib number emailed to me yesterday and nearly started hyperventilating. I’m so freaking excited, even though I know I have another 20-miler on Sunday (my legs are already going “but why?”) and that means the taper is coming soon and THAT means that Taper Madness begins anon, ever-anon.

Oh boy. This is going to be FUN.

I bought a new pair of Sauconys last week because my old ones were shot to hell; I’m not sure of the wisdom of buying a new pair one month out from a race, but when I calculated how many miles I’d ran in the old ones, I knew it was the right decision: 591! That’s the most I’ve ever put on a pair of shoes. No wonder my joints were fussing at me the last 2 weeks. Anyway, the pair I got was the same kind – ProGrid Guide 6 – just a different color, which is fun. I’ve put 18 miles on them already and love them. Wooo!

I did some other math, too, and arrived at the fun number of about 172. That’s my September mileage; easily the most I’ve ever done in 30 days. Also a fun number is about 1125, which is how many miles I’ve run in 2013 so far.

In 2012, all 12 months of it, I ran about 1152 miles. I will surpass that sometime on Sunday, about 8 miles into that 20-miler, and probably not realize it, but that’s kind of nuts. Or, totally awesome.

Running more has led me to get faster (oh, the paradox I didn’t believe: if you want to get faster, run more, and run slower!), so I’m starting to think of a goal time for MCM… dare I say it? Out loud? I’ve been thinking it for some time.

(eek!) 4:30. There! Committed!

(tiny voice) …I know I can do 4:20. 😉


2 Responses to Marathon month! And, September by the numbers.

  1. Hi, you should have plenty of time to break in the new shoes. I’ve been told that the new designs don’t really need a break in period. I’ve been running more but w/ no real speed workouts, and I’m getting faster also!

    • kmt4n says:

      Yeah, they’ve actually broken in just fine- the first run was a little tight but they’re great now. I tried my old shoes on and couldn’t believe how awful they felt! Guess I did the right thing after all.

      Awesome on the getting faster! Imagine what speed workouts could do to improve times- if only I weren’t lazy, haha, or afraid of getting injured. I might go back to them next year when I take some time off and train for a few 5ks here and there… we’ll see. 🙂

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