No man’s land

Week Two of your three-week taper is not the time to be told that your upcoming marathon might be cancelled due to government ineptitude. I suppose it’s better than being told at the end of Week Three, but, still. I’ve been a little on edge for the past couple of days, trying to figure out contingency plans just in case.

Happily, they’re not needed, as it looks like the MCM is going on as planned. Oorah, I say.

Tapering is SO MUCH easier the second time around, though it helps that I’ve been distracted by scrambling to finish this first chapter of my dissertation (!) before my advisor returns from her fortnight abroad. Next week might be a different story, when I will only be running two days during the week and will be trying desperately to sleep and stay off my feet and read obsessively everything I can about this race and maybe work on this paper for next month’s conference and AAHHHH is there anything on Netflix I need to see??

…hmmm. Maybe this isn’t as easy as I thought. I guess you can never entirely overcome taper madness, can you? 🙂

To steal a phrase from another run-blogger, run well, my friends. If you’re tapering right now, are you going as insane as the rest of us seem to be? How do you deal with it? If you’ve never tapered before, what are you most leery of / looking forward to?


3 Responses to No man’s land

  1. LOL. I’m never doing a 3 week taper again. It was too long. Next time – 2 weeks only.
    I found that going to the gym and lifting helped avoid the taper blues.

    • kmt4n says:

      I did 3 weeks last year and truly thought I was going to go nuts because I’d never been through it before. This time, it’s not as bad since I know better what to expect; I did lift last week and the week before, as I usually do, and that helped. I’m not lifting this week because I want to rest as much as I can, as much as that’s succeeding really well in driving me a little crazy. It’s totally a mental game at this point!

      I’ll see how this taper goes, then consider a 2-week one for my next marathon. Experimenting is fun, right?

      • Right. Always fine tuning the process. I need to work on my marathon training program now. I did pretty good, but to hit my next goal I need to step it up.

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