A new challenge!

Wow, I haven’t written in months – yeah, apparently I don’t write when I’m not training for a marathon or something. Oops. But I have been reading everything voraciously.

Life has been busy these past four months: I’ve finished another dissertation chapter and am due to finish the entire shebang and the PhD by next May; I taught a summer course in Soviet science fiction to gifted & talented high-schoolers and loved it; I moved to a new city (still in Virginia and within commuting distance of school) and in with Saint and so far it’s been pretty awesome. I’ve watched a ton of baseball, drank probably a few kegs of beer, eaten a lot of good food, and watched a lot of bad TV. I’ve been running, too, but not training for anything, maintaining the base so to speak, and biking a crap-ton as I explore my new environs. I’m also leaving in 2 days to go to London for the wedding of one of my dearest and best friends, after which Saint and I are off to Paris (and yes, I will be running in both places, because I can’t not).

But there is a really new thing on the horizon for me: I’m pacing my first race in November! (Woohoo!)

I’ve volunteered to pace the 2:30 group in a half-marathon in about 13 weeks. I’m not at all worried about being able to do this successfully, since I can knock out a 2:15 half in my sleep, but presumably the race organizers will want me to be awake and functional while the race is actually happening.

So, my question to you is: what advice do you have for a first-time pacer? No advice is too simple or stupid – I’m completely new to this, so any and all ideas are useful!

Thanks in advance! Hope your summer running hasn’t been as horribly humid as mine 🙂


3 Responses to A new challenge!

  1. piratebobcat says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t have much to offer. I’ve never paced a race. I do think if you go slightly…slightly…faster than the pace, like a 229 instead of 220,then they are happy about that…from what I hear.

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